A chatty life and health update


It’s time to settle down with a cup of tea and hear some truths from this corner of the internet.  I have not been feeling my best over the past week.  I’ve been feeling frustrated, on edge and under the weather.  There’s a few reasons why.

It all began with an amazing day at the races (blog post coming soon!) but what wasn’t so fab is that I got the worst sunburn of my life.  Somehow between the strap of my dress and my sun cream there must have been a gap, so I managed to burn my right shoulder, and the pain… it lasted all week long and I couldn’t sleep on my right side at all.  It’s hurt just to have clothing against the skin and it left me in a foul mood.  It also looked so awful that my colleagues were gasping in horror at the sight of me.

I feel so guilty to have allowed this to happen as I know how dangerous sunburn can be.  Everytime I looked at my skin last week I felt horrified and it really affected me emotionally.

Then, just as I was left unable to sleep on my right side, I developed something which meant I couldn’t sleep on my left side either.  My left ear began to feel bunged up and I couldn’t hear very well through it.  I had a constant headache and buzzing in my head.  I went to see the doctor who said I had an infection and he gave me some antiobiotic drops.  I have felt so out of sorts for days and my ear is so congested, I feel like I am living in a swimming pool.

The truth is though that the ear infection has got me down even more because it just reminds me that I have ongoing ear issues.  Since late last year I have been coping on and off with chronic dizziness.  I haven’t written about it because I have been hoping that it will go away, however that doesn’t seem to be happening.  I have been referred to a specialist and I am coping as best as I can, sometimes on a daily basis.

During all of this I haven’t done any exercise and my diet has been awful, sugar has been my joy.  I know I am a right grump but I needed to write all of this and say hey, it’s not always rainbows and fairies over here.

It feels better to get that out there! What’s been happening with you?

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Gorgeous crochet hooks from Koru Tumi

When it comes to crochet, if I am going to spend money, it will be on pretty yarn. But a couple of months ago I was completely captivated by the beautiful crochet hooks by Koru Tumi and decided to invest.  Can you blame me?

I chose this owl design (because I love owls) and a cute unicorn (because I also love unicorns).  The choice was incredible; you can select the rainbow gradient or stripes for the hook, with or without a unicorn on top.  The hooks cost £10 each, which isn’t cheap, but they are so pretty and such good quality, they’re worth it!  I will also use them heaps and heaps, on all of my crochet projects.

Sorry that the photos aren’t great, I found it quite difficult to photograph the hooks!  But you get the idea and the CUTENESS.  20160719_121209[1]

I also bought this cute unicorn stitch marker, and they threw in the blue one for free!20160719_121242[1]

Aren’t the owl and unicorn the sweetest little critters ever!


What animal would you put on your crochet hook?

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Trip to Bourton-on-the-Water

Last week we went to the Cotswolds for the weekend and visiting Bourton-on-the-Water was top of my to do list.  I visited this idyllic village with my parents as a child and wanted to relive the memories!IMG-20160716-WA0006[1]

You know what, it’s easy to feel grateful and happy in Bourton-on-the-Water.  I think it’s my favourite village in the world.  It is just so CUTE AND PRETTY.  Don’t you agree?  Just take a look below…




We spent a blissful few hours in the village having a leisurely lunch, a walk along the river and a browse in the shops.


Have I made you want to go there now?!Linnet Sig

London holiday 2016: Shopping haul

This is my final post about my recent London trip.  Catch up on the other posts here:

Covent Garden

Kensington Palace

Westminster Abbey

As soon as we arrived in Covent Garden, I knew I wanted to visit the Kikki K stationery shop!20160612_174210[1]

Would you believe it, there was a huge sale on.  I picked up these inspiration cards to send with my letters to my penpals, for £3.


Next, these gorgeous glitter tapes.  Yes, glitter tapes.  How could I possible resist such pretties?  They cost £6 for the three tapes.


I also got these stickers, which were so summery and cute that I couldn’t leave them in the shop.  They are ideal for decorating snail mail.  For £1.75, it was an easy choice.


Next up, I discovered this new makeup brand, 3ina, which has recently opened a flagship store in Covent Garden.  It was an amazing shop, with so many products and so many shades of eyeshadow, nail varnish, blush… I don’t know how I only walked out with this one bottle of polish for £4.95!   I suspect I will be ordering online from them in the future.


I don’t often shop in The Body Shop, but this sugar scrub (£13) smelled divine and I really wanted to try the new Pinita Colada range, the consistency of this sorbet (£8) is amazing.


When we were wandering around the market stalls, this scarf with a leaf print caught my eye, and for £3 it would have been rude not to buy it!


We also popped into Paperchase, naturally, and these stickers for £1 were snapped up.


I’ve been wanting a replica Anne Boleyn necklace for a while, but they are quite pricey, so when I saw this one for £9 in Westminster Abbey, I decided to snap it up!


Finally, these awesome postcards from Funky Pigeon have already made their way into my snail mail and have hopefully brightened up the days of the recipients!  At £1 they weren’t cheap, but they were worth it.



Which is your favourite of my buys?

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London holiday 2016: Westminster and Westminster Abbey

This is my final itinerary post about my recent London trip with my mum (catch up here and here with days 1 and 2).  First of all, as we left the hotel in Paddington, we could not resist stopping for a photo with the famous bear himself!20160609_095827-1[1]

Our destination was Westminster, and as we headed out into the sunshine from the tube station, we stopped to admire the Palace of Westminster and statues such as this striking one of Winston Churchill.  We then made our way over to Westminster Abbey.


My mum is no keen photographer and it took us a while to get this snap of me, but hey ho!  Westminster Abbey is a magnificent building and surely one of the most historically significant in the history of Britain.  From William the Conqueror to William and Kate’s wedding, there are centuries of stories and events inside these stone walls.


The most exciting thing for me, however, was visiting the tombs of monarchs such as Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, Mary I and Elizabeth I, and Mary Queen of Scots.  I thought I was going to burst with excitement as we queued up to view the ornate tombs, and thought that I could die happy having seen them with my own eyes!  How ironic that in death, monarchs who spent their lives at odds (such as Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots), now lie so close together in eternal sleep.

The Abbey is so beautiful, so exquisite, that I feel I simply can’t do it justice here!  The building simply sings with history, stories and atmosphere.  It’s a very special place indeed.


After visiting the abbey, we went for a wander in the sunshine before heading back to get the train to Cardiff.



Have you ever visited Westminster Abbey?

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London holiday 2016: Kensington Palace

Today I am going to share with you my second day on my recent trip to stay in London with my mum.  You can catch up on day one here.

The plan was to visit Kensington Palace and I was beyond excited to visit this beautiful royal residence.  While the palace has a wonderful history, it is also currently home to several members of the royal family.

On our walk from the tube station to the palace, we stopped to admire this cow outside a pub.  Moo!


As we walked up to the palace entrance via Kensington Gardens, this imposing statue of William III bore down upon us.  It’s a fitting tribute to the king who, alongside his wife Mary II, transformed a mansion house into the palace where they lived happily together, and which went on to be the home of monarchs such as Queen Anne, George I and Queen Victoria.20160608_111845[1]

Just to the left of my mum in this photo are the gates where the thousands of floral tributes were left in the wake of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, another famous Kensington Palace resident.

Talking of residents… I loved these cushions in the corridor commemorating royals who’ve lived in the palace! From left to right – Princess Margaret, Diana Princess of Wales, Kate Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, who both currently call Kensington home.


The palace is split up into four sections to visit.  There are two exhibitions.  Fashion Rules is a collection of dresses worn by the queen, Princess Margaret and Diana during their royal duties, and are all positively swoonworthy.  Victoria Revealed is a fascinating look at the life of a woman who became queen at 18 years old, in the rooms where she lived and met with advisers on her first morning as monarch.

The other two areas are the King’s State Apartments and the Queen’s State Apartments.  The King’s apartments are all about grandeur and pomp; you are taken on the journey that courtiers would have made to see their king, keen to have their piece of power.  The reigns of George I and William III and their courts are explored.

The Queen’s apartments, on the other hand, are much simpler and homelier. They were created for Mary II and her quiet life here is a stark contrast to her public role as queen.  Her sister and fellow queen, Anne, also lived here, and as a woman who lost so many children during pregnancy or early childhood, her legacy is that the rooms have a certain melancholy about them.

There were some rather nasty showers but we managed to take a quick look around the garden.  This statue of Queen Victoria was designed and sculpted by her daughter, Princess Louise.


Isn’t this the prettiest garden?  We stood raptly soaking it all in from underneath the trees, listening to the pitter patter of raindrops into the pond.  We could have stood there for hours.


Have you ever been to Kensington Palace and who is your favourite resident?

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New season stationery: Paperchase, Kikki K and Fox and Star

It’s the time of year when stationery brands have new products to launch in time for the ‘back to school/uni’ September dash.  Today I am sharing my picks from three of my favourite brands!

First up, it’s Paperchase.  This video is a great introduction to all of the new products available, then I will tell you my own favourites.

It’s got to be purrmaids for me!  Cute, colourful and kitsch.  Kittens AND mermaids, what is not to love?


Basically I love the whole collection, but I will showcase this multi list book which costs £10.  It’s such a gorgeous cover and then inside, there are stickers, notepads and a ruler.  Click the image to go straight to the website listing.

Next up, Kikki K.  They have launched the Pause Collection, and it’s everything that Purrmaids is not!  It’s all based around the pause symbol which is on every record player in the world, and is all about clean lines, geometric shapes and muted colours.

My favourite items are the pens, they are so pretty and how can you fail to be efficient with such an instrument?  Click the photo to go to the website.

slim_ballpoint_pen_5pk_pause_front (1)

Finally, it’s Fox and Star.  I can’t write about stationery and NOT mention washi tape.  Fox and Star have some fabulous washi tape designs in, this is just one that would look great on an craft projects or snail mail.  As usual, click on the photo to go to the website.


Tell me about your fave stationery brands?

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A look at my flipbooks

Today I am sharing with you some of the flipbooks which I have recently made to send in the mail to my penpals! They were a lot of fun to make and I will definitely be making some more soon, they’re quite a simple project but it feels very creatively fulfilling to complete one.  Plus I am so happy with how they turned out!

I have had some of the supplies for a while so I can’t link exact products, but these are the shops where I bought the supplies.

The Works

Sticker Sunshine


The Sticker Alley

Card Factory



Have you tried to make a flipbook? I would love to see!

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I’m a #CoconutQueen! Here’s my wishlist

You may have noticed Coconut Lane popping up all over the blogosphere, and rightly so.  This gorgeous brand has so many must buys from stationery to jewellery to homeware.  It took me about three seconds to decide to apply to be a #CoconutQueen, which means I am a brand ambassador and can bring you a 20% discount on their products! Plus they ship internationally.

To celebrate this new collaboration, I am sharing the products which I love most of all RIGHT NOW.

First off, a confession.  I am not much of a bangle wearer, so if I say I like a bangle, I really mean it.  This triangle marble design had me swooning, and I am sure that you can appreciate why!


Next up, I want to showcase two items from the LUXE collection.  I tend to stick to black cat eye frames but these azure blue frames really caught my eye, and would make a great statement alongside a white t-shirt.


Also from LUXE, I can’t enough of marbly-mermaidy-pastelly colours, and if you agree with me, then you need THIS phone case in your life.  Amirightoramiright?


Finally, if you’re a blogger then you need some awesome art prints in your life and Coconut Lane is packed to the rafters with them.   Case in point:


Life goals right there!

If I have whetted your appetite for a shopping spree, head to Coconut Lane and use the discount code below!


Please note I will receive a small commission if you use this discount code, but that doesn’t affect my opinion of the products.

Which is your fave from the above items?

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A library book haul


Recently I felt like I was in a bit of a reading slump, so to get out of it I reserved some books at the library.  I chose some that I feel really excited about.  Here are my picks:

Easy Cook Express: Real Food For Busy People

I often feel less than inspired about what to cook, and this looked like a fun book packed with yummy recipes.  I’m often tempted by beautiful recipe books.  However, I don’t see the point in buying expensive cookbooks that will sit on my shelves and gather dust, I know myself too well!  A library book seemed a safer bet.

First Lady: The Life and Wars of Clementine Churchill by Sonia Purnell

There are hundreds of books written about Winston Churchill, but there’s slim pickings about his wife, Clementine.  I’m nearly finished this book and it’s been a fascinating look at the life of the woman who gave her husband the strength to lead Britain during World War II.  I’ve learnt some amazing things about her.

Behind Closed Doors by Hugo Vickers

If you read this recent post of mine, you will know that I am very intrigued by Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor and the woman who Edward VIII abdicated his throne for.  I’m really hoping to learn more about her from this book, it sounds like an exploration of the woman behind the myth.

Girl Up by Laura Bates

This is my pick for this month’s book chat with Lindsay.  It’s by the author/creator of Everyday Sexism and I think it definitely fits into this month’s theme, which is to read a book about female empowerment.

Wildfire at Midnight by Mary Stewart

This is my only novel in this haul!  It’s a mystery/kinda creepy thriller set in the 1950s, I read another book by this author and loved it.  It’s quite short and hopefully compulsive so I should whizz through it.

What are you reading at the moment?

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