What My Twenties Have Taught Me

It’s the final week of my twenties.  Seems like a good time to look back over the decade to tell you what I’ve learnt! Cancer isn’t over Cancer has been physically over for seventeen years.  While that sentence brings me untold pleasure, I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that cancer isn’t over […]

21 Feb 2017


A tour around my dressing table

Welcome to my dressing table! I can’t wait to show you around. I’ve had it for four years, since we moved into our house, and I really love the wood. My dressing table is very much my space, and I like that it’s a bit kitcsh with lots of variety! On the very left you […]

20 Feb 2017


I heart drawing

I picked this book up ages ago and finally actually got around to drawing in it!   Every page has a finished image, with instructions then for you to follow over a series of five images.  It could be a pattern, an object or an animal.   You get a few lines to start, then […]

17 Feb 2017


A look at my bullet journal

Today I’m opening up my bullet journal for you.  While bullet journals have exploded I have to say I am not finding it the easiest thing in the world, but I think I’ve found a spread that works for me.  If you feel intimidated by the perfect Pinterest bojo spreads, this is the bullet journal […]

16 Feb 2017


Weekend recap 11-12 Feb: Pontypridd and a craft fair

I’m really enjoying writing these weekend recap posts, so why not continue?  It’s such a nice way for me to look back at my weekends and brings more ‘real life’ into the blog. Last weekend my parents were visiting.  It’s the second time my mum has been to stay since Christmas, which is fab.  On […]

15 Feb 2017


Embroidered Hoop for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!  To celebrate I decided to order an embroidered hoop to commemorate mine and Oliver’s relationship. I saw on Facebook that Emily had made one for her and her boyfriend and I thought it would be cute to have one for us to put on the wall in our living room.  In two seconds […]

14 Feb 2017


Three bands I’d love to see live

  There are some bands that I would love to see live… I could probably make a long list but here are my top three. The Killers I can still remember how Hot Fuss set the music world alight (that was 13 years ago!).  That album produced anthem after anthem and they still move me […]

9 Feb 2017


Snail mail plans for February

I love snail mail and have several penpals, and I really need to discuss this more on the blog.  Here are my snail mail plans for February. Mail tag A mail tag is a list of questions to ask your penpal.  It could be simple questions like ‘What did you do at the weekend?’ or […]

8 Feb 2017


Weekend recap: Charity shop haul

I really enjoyed writing last week’s weekend recap post, so here I am doing it again. On Saturday 5th Feb I had a slow morning (ie lots of sleep and reading in bed) before going to the Toby Carvery for lunch with Oliver.  We live directly opposite the carvery but only go there about twice […]

7 Feb 2017

book discussion

Watch, listen and read: January

  I really enjoyed writing my Reflections on January post, so I thought I’d tell you about what I watched, listened to and read in January today.Once Upon a Time Definitely an all time favourite of mine, although I am only on Season 4.  This show is about all of our favourite fairytale characters who […]

3 Feb 2017