Podcast Showcase: Terms

  I have a new hobby… listening to podcasts. I’m not sure how it started but a few months ago I ended up on iTunes subscribing to podcast after podcast.  So I thought that it might be fun to share the ones I’m enjoying with you. First up, it’s Terms.  This podcast is almost spooky […]

19 Jan 2017


Another me

  In my mind’s eye, there’s another me.  At first glance, she’s just like me. If you passed her in the street, you’d think, ‘I’m sure that was Llinos!’. If you looked a little closer though, you’d see the differences between us. She’s my height, but her back is straighter.  She’s slimmer too, she doesn’t […]

17 Jan 2017


Beauty treatments I have no interest in trying

  We all love a good trip to the spa, but there are some treatments I know I will never try! Hopi ear candles OK, I know it’s a cleansing thing, but the idea of ears and candles just doesn’t work for me.  I’m far too scared to try this. Any wax I know I’m […]

13 Jan 2017

book discussion

My favourite reads of 2016

  Today I’ve trawled back through my 2016 Goodreads Challenge and chosen my absolute favourite books from my five star ratings.  As I’ve talked about these books before, I’m going to review them for you in three words only.  My advice, though, is to check them all out as soon as possible! A Poisoned Season […]

10 Jan 2017


A trip to Penrhyn Castle

All the way back in September I visited my parents in North Wales and we visited Penrhyn Castle.  Can’t believe I haven’t blogged about it yet, but here we go! Penrhyn Castle is today a National Trust property.  It’s history is as the ancestral home of the Pennant family, who made themselves obscenely rich as […]

9 Jan 2017


What I Watched on TV over Christmas

  This year I felt that the festive TV was somewhat murder mystery heavy, did you?  Now I love a good crime caper so for me to say that means that there must have been a lot!  Here’s what I watched… Agatha Christie’s The Witness for the Prosecution The reviews for this were amazing and […]

4 Jan 2017

book discussion

Diet Books Which I’ve Read Recently

As I’ve been thinking of ways to improve my diet lately, it seemed natural as a book lover to turn to my local library for help.  Here are some diet books which caught my eye. The Sugar Impact Diet by JJ Virgin I picked this up because of a vague idea I had that I […]

3 Jan 2017


2017 Goals

Like every other blogger, I’m here today to share with you my goals for 2017. Culture and London theatre I want 2017 to include more culture than 2016 has.  By culture, I mean visiting museums, galleries and the theatre.  When I was in London in November 2016 I saw lots of adverts for fabulous looking […]

2 Jan 2017

book discussion

Introducing… #TheThrillerBookClub

Happy New Year!  I hope you’ve all enjoyed the Christmas and new year celebrations. Today I’m launching a brand new project here on the blog; #TheThrillerBookClub and I could not be more excited. I love thrillers and I thought that it would be fun to turn that love into a blog project.  When I read […]

1 Jan 2017