Hi there, thanks for visiting! I’m Llinos, or The Lilac Linnet.  This blog is a look at my daily life and where I document my love of crafts, books, running, and more.  Women’s issues and my health issues also make an appearance.  To be honest, anything goes!

Why ‘The Lilac Linnet’?  I was born in Bangor, Wales, UK and grew up in Llangefni, a town on the Isle of Anglesey.  I’m fluent in Welsh and my name is Welsh for ‘linnet’, which is a small brown bird.  I’m drawn to images of birds on handbags, scarves, art… My favourite colour is lilac, but you probably guessed that!

I’m the proud guinea pig mum of these two munchkins, Maggie and Lily.  They sometimes make an appearance here and even takeover every now and again!

This is me and my boyfriend, Oliver.  We have been together for over six years and we live together in Cardiff.  I like to share our adventures together here on the blog.

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I’d love to hear from you!  E-mail me at llinos36 at gmail dot com for a chat.

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