Recently I’ve seen the odd blog post and tweet about why it isn’t worth advertising your blog on someone else’s blog, because the return is so small.  In 2015 I wrote this post about the reasons why I choose certain blogs to sponsor.  However today I am here with a slightly different slant to encourage you to advertise your blog on other blogs, and to explain how the return can be huge.

If you advertise on a blog and expect to see a huge spike in your page views and social media followers, then I’m afraid you’re in it for the wrong reasons.  Sure it would be great if it happened and yes, you may find some posts being retweeted more than usual, but this isn’t the end game about advertising on a blog, unless you buy an expensive slot on a big blog.

So now I’ve told you what not to expect from advertising on a blog, let’s discuss the huge positives.  The main thing I feel is that by paying to advertise on another blog, you will make a new blogging friend. OK, on a basic level this is a business transaction, but you will be chatting on social media and via e-mail all month, so a rapport is bound to be built, and it’s fab.

Whatever your budget, you can find a blog to sponsor.  Many have several packages to choose from, varying from £1 – £10.  You may choose to buy a £3 package and then next month want to pay for the more expensive one if the experience went well.  If you ask the blogger, they’re often willing to offer a discount for a multi-month package.

In addition to the above, you are supporting fellow bloggers in a big way by advertising on their blog.  Perhaps you are helping them turn a hobby into a business, or providing extra income that they might really need. What is a few pounds to you could mean more to them than you know.  In a way, I get a bigger glow from feeling I am helping them invest further in their blogs than from the promo they are going to give me.

I’ve never had a problem in setting up an advert on another blog.  If you e-mail the blogger, they will be more than happy to help you and most clearly set out their packages on their blogs, so you know what to expect from the start.  Usually they need a photo of you, your blog button and/or header (if you don’t have these they can create them or get a designer to do it at low cost), a few lines about you and your blog, links to your fave posts, your social media links…. nothing more complex than that.  Most of the time I pay very conveniently via Paypal which takes seconds.


Have I inspired you to advertise on other blogs? If you need recommendations, then head to Aimee, Abbey, Justine and Gwennan.

  • I love this! Also, I love your style of using images as headers. So cute.

  • Love this post! And thanks so much for mentioning me honey. Means a lot <3 x x

  • I used to advertise on blogs a couple of years ago and I made some great blogging friends out of it, but I’ve just forgotten about it since then really. Thank you for reminding me, I think I might give it a go again.

  • Thanks! I thought I’d try something a bit different.

  • Don’t mention it! x

  • I’d definitely recommend it, Rosie, as you can tell!

  • Thank you so much for recommending me, Llinos! I’m so glad that you find ad packages worth it, I personally get a thrill from seeing my blog button on someone else’s blog, so even if I don’t see a big spike in numbers, it’s great to make a few new connections from their audience! Thanks for giving your insight!

    Abbey 😘

  • Food & Baker

    This is such a lovely way of seeing advertising! We’ve never advertised of other blogs before but we’ve done the occasional guest post and likewise with other guest blogs on ours and it’s true, you meet new people and make great friends!

    Jessica & James |

  • I’ve advertised a couple of times on blogs and I loved it – I really need to do it more often because it’s definitely worth just a few pounds a month! I really want to offer advertisements on my own blog too but when I suggested it a while ago it didn’t have a very positive reaction. 🙁 May have to try again!

  • Gwennan Rees

    Thank you so much for tagging me – I’m so pleased you enjoyed the experience <3 I think people are expecting more and more from advertising these days, it's nice you've taken it back to basics and reminded people what it's really about xx

  • Yes there are high expectations but I think it’s about supporting your blogger friends as much as the promo they give you.

  • It is worth a couple of pounds as you say, and if you ever run your own ads, I’m in for sure!

  • Guest posts are a fab idea too! Definitely a great way to get to know bloggers.

  • Yes it is a thrill! Any new connections are worth it and meaningful ones can be built via ads 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the post.

  • Just Joelle

    To be honest, I’ve just never really thought about it much! So nice though to connect with other bloggers though

  • It might be fun to try if you fancy doing something different!

  • Lifethrough Tsg

    I advertise with abbey and I love it because her blog is my fav and I love seeing my little button on it! Plus I love supporting her financially too!
    Great post,
    Hayley X

  • I completely agree Hayley! X

  • I love advertising with other bloggers!
    Not only are you supporting them, but you’re getting yourself out there to a whole new audience.
    I’m currently advertising with Aimee and shes amazing!


  • I couldn’t agree more Bronagh, I could have written your comment myself!

  • I hope you will decide to give it a go!

  • Ella Ames

    Thanks for this! I was wondering how advertising on other blogs worked. Now I’m inspired to check it out more:)

  • That’s great to hear. It’s a lot of fun!