I don’t know about you, but even when I really love a TV programme, there are always some things that the characters do that really annoy me!  Here’s a selection of things which really get on my nerves…

Speak loudly in the next room/through the door and think no one can hear

When the conversation takes a certain turn and a character says, “Can I see you alone in the kitchen for a moment?”, and once in there the characters start shouting about a private issue as though the door is soundproof.  Or, the doorbell rings and the characters inside shout something rude or private about the arriving person as though no one has ever heard through a front door before.  AAARGH!

Hold tea or coffee like it’s water

I always zero in on mugs in TV programmes… most of the time I can tell that they’re empty and that the sips that the character takes are fake.  But, more annoying than that, is when mugs of tea and coffee are passed around and characters grab them as though they’re just water and not boiling liquid.  You would scald yourself by doing that!

Put their heads out of a door like they psychically know the character they wanted to speak to is passing

For example, in an office setting, a character opens the door to their office and shouts a name, and that person is conveniently passing…. there is just NO way they would know that person was there without the power of a third eye.  Come ON!

Not make full plans

This scenario usually happens over the phone…

“Shall we go for dinner?”

“Yes, Wednesday night?”

“See you then.”

Hold on, what about the location? The time?  Transport?  Then the next scene is them in a restaurant and it’s sooo frustrating.

Never seek help for their mental health

Some characters have very tumultuous lives… their mother is murdered in front of them, then their husband cheats on them with their sister, then they’re kidnapped on their way home from work, that type of thing.  We might see them cry or scream, but what we should really see is them receiving counselling.  This is the most dangerous of my examples because it might lead to viewers thinking that it isn’t normal to seek medical help after experiencing trauma, which it completely is and should be encouraged.

Do you share my feelings on these or have some of your own annoying things to share?

  • So glad you agree with me, I shout at the TV every single time! Happy you liked the post, it was fun to write.

  • YES, I completely agree with all of these! So many TV characters are so stupid! 😀

  • Food & Baker

    Omg I’m so happy we’re not the only ones who questions these kinds of things haha loved this post! Very different and easy to read!

    Jessica & James | foodandbaker.co.uk / foodandbakertravels.co.uk

  • So happy you liked it!

  • There are aren’t they!

  • Thanks, glad you enjoyed! I look out for this type of thing in every programme I watch!

  • Oh my goodness. I love this list. I was a Gilmore Girls fanatic and they would always do that with their coffee. Drove me crazy! 🙂

  • I definitely feel you on these, Llinos! I do enjoy occasionally watching soaps but when characters have a “hot drink” that obviously is just an empty mug, it does get to me! I also agree that a lot of characters seem to have super quick recovery times from MH problems, and also get over relationships so fast! I could never move on with that speed haha! Fab post!

    Abbey 😇 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  • So relieved it’s not just me who notices tiny details like that!

  • If I was an actor I would really want a real cup of tea during those scenes, not be handed an empty mug! Characters definitely live life at a different speed to the rest of us, I agree.

  • Gwennan Rees

    This made me laugh so much! The cuppa which is obviously empty gets me every time!

  • It drives me crazy whenever I watch any show on TV!