I was really excited to get involved with this brand new blogger book club called the Blogger Book Nook. It’s a simple concept created by Abbey and Tabitha and it works so well. There’s a monthly prompt and some questions (this month’s theme is ‘new’, get it?!) to inspire us to 1) read a book and 2) blog about it. The best bit is that there’s a fab Facebook group to join too, where we discuss all things bookish.

First of all, the book I chose by an author who was completely new to me was ‘The Assistants’ by Camille Perri.


Tina works for a billionaire media mogul as his assistant. On one normal day in the office, Tina is reimbursed a $20,000 expenses claim. However, the money has been paid back already, so to cash the cheque would be stealing. Tina daydreams about doing exactly that while planning to rip up the cheque, until she actually puts it in her bank account. Suddenly, things spiral out of control. Other people want in on the scheme. Tina starts dating one of the company lawyers. Where will this end?

Although I loved the chick-lit vibe and witty writing style of the novel, I did find it to be an uncomfortable read. Tina is not a natural thief, and her panic and fear seep out of the pages. It’s also a novel that invites you to put yourself in Tina’s position, and I have to say I would run from that cheque as though it were on fire.

Not only that, but I don’t really understand why Tina is stealing from her boss. Robert Barlow, the tycoon who Tina works for, is set up as someone who enjoys ruining the careers of those who cross him, a tax crook and the type of guy who buys an $8,000 new golf kit when he leaves his in the hotel. However, he and Tina have a good relationship; he likes her and she likes him.  Tina gets him his favourite donut and Robert lets her go home early. She could have asked him for a pay rise rather than steal from him?

If you’re looking for something a little different to the chick-lit norm, an unusual dilemma with a touch of comedy, you could do worse than pick up this easy read.  I give it three out of five stars.

Now for the questions…
Q1) Do you like trying new authors or do you stick to old favourites? Why?

I have to say, I know what I like to read and I tend to stick to it. I’ve been let down by many a new author in the past! However, when it comes to thrillers and crime fiction, I do enjoy finding a new author, someone who I can rely on to produce page-turner after page-turner. I consider Louise Candlish, Claire Douglas and Linwood Barclay to be authors like this, people whose books I pick up with little knowledge about the novel beyond their name on the cover.

Q2) How do you usually find out about new authors? Reading blog reviews? Advertisements? Recommendations from friends?

I love looking at my recommended reads on Goodreads and taking a look at what my friends are reading on there. I’ll also look for new releases to get excited about. I also watch a lot of Booktube which has inspired much of my reading over the last couple of years.

Q3) Which new authors are on your TBR list at the moment?

Just a quick glance at my book shelf reveals Kate Moretti, whose thriller I’m excited to get to, and Antoine Laurain, an author who I know barely anything about but whose short and thought-provoking books will, I suspect, increasingly claim a place on my TBR.

Q4) Have you come across a new author recently that you really didn’t enjoy reading? Which book was it and why didn’t it appeal to you?

Michelle Richmond’s ‘The Marriage Pact’ really didn’t do it for me. It had such an interesting premise but the ending let it down completely, I won’t be reading her books again I’m afraid.

Q5) Which of your all-time favourite author’s books would you give to a friend who had never read their work before?

I love this question! I think everyone should be introduced to Agatha Christie at some point. Poirot is the greatest detective in my opinion, so I would offer ‘The Hollow’ and ‘The ABC Murders’ as a starting point to learning about his little grey cells!

  • Llinos, thank you so much for being our first ever Blogger Book nook poster! It put such a smile on my face to see the logo on your blog! I’m intrigued by the fact that this book departs from the chick lit norm but I think I would also be pretty uncomfortable about hearing how Tina steals from her work! I have never read any Agatha Christie but I will have to try her out! Thanks again so much for sharing and I hope that you’ll be joining in with next month’s challenge too!

    Abbey 😇

  • Food & Baker

    In love with the idea of this blogger book club and really enjoyed the questions at the end too!

    Jessica & James | /

  • It was a lot of fun to answer them!

  • Yay so exciting to be the first! Yes it was a pretty strange read to be honest. I hope you try Agatha, and I will be joining in next month for sure.

  • Lifethrough Tsg

    I’m so proud of abbey for starting this Blogger book nook as it’s so positive! But, I have to say, I’m just not sure that I’ll have the time to join in every month, but I will certainly try! This book doesn’t sound like my kind of book to be honest. I love a chick lit, but the panic would be too much for my little anxious brain to handle.
    Hayley x

  • Sarah Ann

    Love this idea of a blogger book club, it’s right up my street! And I love Agatha Christie too! Everyone should read at least one of her books.

  • Agatha needs to be a compulsory author somehow!

  • I LOVE the book nook so much, such a fab idea. I hope you can join in sometimes. If this book was just chick lit it might be better, because the characters suit the genre.

  • Kate

    I love Agatha Christie’s books! They’re absolutely brilliant! I love a good crime/thriller novel!
    The book you reviewed sounds interesting and unique but like you said it has me wondering why she stole from her boss particularly as it’s such a large amount and she got on well with him. On the other hand I’m really curious to find out if she got caught!!

  • If she’d hated her boss, I could have understood a bit better. As readers I think we’re meant to not like him, and see him as a master manipulator, but it doesn’t work when he gets on so well with Tina.