June Favourites graphic

June Favourites

I don’t usually write posts like this but I thought it might be good for me to look back over the things which made me happy in June. Black handbag Oliver won a prize in a raffle, and the sweetheart decided to bring this gorgeous bag home for me rather than choosing a prize for […]

Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar Review graphic

Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar Review

Well how could any girl who finds herself in Lush NOT buy this?  It’s a beautifully coloured unicorn horn.  Does anything else need to be said really? When I ran my bath I was expecting multi coloured water but what I did get was what I had been promised: bubbles upon bubbles.  I loved it! […]

Lush bath: Intergalactic bath bomb graphic

Lush bath: Intergalactic bath bomb

I’ve recently been enjoying having a bath about once a week after years of not having them (don’t worry I have been showering!).  Naturally I headed to the bath lover’s paradise, Lush, and picked up their intergalactic bath bomb for £4.25. Lush’s write up for this bath bomb is so extravagant that the poor bomb […]

Beauty treatments I have no interest in trying graphic

Beauty treatments I have no interest in trying

  We all love a good trip to the spa, but there are some treatments I know I will never try! Hopi ear candles OK, I know it’s a cleansing thing, but the idea of ears and candles just doesn’t work for me.  I’m far too scared to try this. Any wax I know I’m […]

A W7 Beauty Haul graphic

A W7 Beauty Haul

W7 is a brand I’ve wanted to try for a few months, having first come across it not long ago.  It’s a cruelty free brand which has super cute packaging and affordable prices.  They create dupes for high end products and I couldn’t wait to try some. First of all, nail polish.  There was a […]

London holiday 2016: Shopping haul graphic

London holiday 2016: Shopping haul

This is my final post about my recent London trip.  Catch up on the other posts here: Covent Garden Kensington Palace Westminster Abbey As soon as we arrived in Covent Garden, I knew I wanted to visit the Kikki K stationery shop! Would you believe it, there was a huge sale on.  I picked up […]

A Barry M Beauty Haul graphic

A Barry M Beauty Haul

I am reviewing some Barry M items which I recently bought on a trip into Cardiff city centre.  Barry M are one of my fave brands and I knew I could rely on them to refresh my makeup collection! First up is this nail varnish.  I was drawn to it because it’s limited edition and […]

A selfie standpoint graphic

A selfie standpoint

I’m not the type of girl who spends hours standing in front of the mirror taking photos of herself, but sometimes, when I feel good about myself I might take a quick snap.  Photos like this: To start with, my thought pattern might be: “That’s a good photo, a good hair day always needs commemorating!” […]

Inexpensive ways to pamper yourself graphic

Inexpensive ways to pamper yourself

I love a good pamper session.  However, I don’t have the budget to be going to the salon for professional manicures and massages a few times a month.  The good news is that it’s perfectly possible to enjoy pampering yourself without parting with a wad of cash.  Here are my tips! Curl up with a […]

Fashion and beauty confessions! graphic

Fashion and beauty confessions!

Today I have some fashion and beauty confessions for you, but not things like “I don’t take off my makeup before bed”.  I mean the fashion and beauty goals I have, but am a little scared of embracing.  Here’s my deepest, darkest confessions… I want violet curls I don’t mean a really bright purple, but […]