Annoying things TV characters do graphic

Annoying things TV characters do

I don’t know about you, but even when I really love a TV programme, there are always some things that the characters do that really annoy me!  Here’s a selection of things which really get on my nerves… Speak loudly in the next room/through the door and think no one can hear When the conversation […]

Once Upon a Time Tag graphic

Once Upon a Time Tag

  Today I will be doing the Once Upon a Time Tag after watching Lynsey and Sandrine’s Youtube videos. Like them, I am a big fan of the show! First of all I will answer the questions from Lynsey’s video. How did you discover OUAT? Years ago I remember seeing it advertised on Channel 5 […]

The Spring Reading Tag graphic

The Spring Reading Tag

Welcome back to Tag Week!  Today it’s the Spring Reading Tag which I saw on Youtube on The Book Olive’s channel. Here’s the qs and my as… What books are your most excited to read over the next few months? Currently I’m most excited about reading A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. […]

The Glasses Tag graphic

The Glasses Tag

Welcome back to Tag Week!  I first saw this tag on MeMyselfandEm and decided to do it myself.  Here are my answers to the Glasses Tag. 1. How long have you been wearing glasses? I shamefacedly had my first ever eye test when I was 16, and that’s when I began wearing glasses as the […]

Self Care Tag graphic

Self Care Tag

This week is Tag Week here on The Lilac Linnet!  There will be a new tag post Monday – Friday.  Today I’m kicking off with the Self Care Tag, which was created by LikeKristen on Youtube. Here are my answers to the questions: How do you define self care? It’s about doing something nice for […]

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Liebster Blog Award Nomination

I am finally getting around to completing the Liebster nomination from Sarah, thanks ever so much for nominating me! OK so what I have to do is… Post 11 facts about yourself Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you Here we go! 11 facts about me… I’m left handed but brush […]

Thoughts on magazines graphic

Thoughts on magazines

I’ve always enjoyed reading magazines; there are times when I would almost have considered myself addicted to them, if such a thing is possible.  When I was a child I used to love choosing one to buy with my mum every Saturday morning.  As an adult, I’ve read them all, from the big glossies to […]

Feeling like a blogging fraud? graphic

Feeling like a blogging fraud?

Stay with me here now please readers, because I realise this might sound a little strange.  But some days I feel like I am not a blogger, and like I am about to be found out. I know what you’ll say.  “But, Llinos, this is your blog, you are clearly a blogger!”  “You have written […]

A Decade in Review: My Twenties graphic

A Decade in Review: My Twenties

  I turned 30 in February (and the photos aren’t ready so I haven’t blogged about it yet whoops) but I thought it would be fun to take a (very brief) look back over my twenties and the events of that decade. You can read the lessons I learnt from my twenties here. 2007-2008, aged 20-21: I […]

Mother’s Day 2017 graphic

Mother’s Day 2017

This year was the first time I spent Mother’s Day with my mum in years, as we live so far apart.  However this year she was staying with us.  It did get a bit confusing, as I had part of her gift and card delivered to her home address, and her visit was on short […]