Meet Frank the Fox graphic

Meet Frank the Fox

Today I want you to meet someone very special… my latest crochet project, Frank the Fox. I really hope you like him, he was a lot of fun to make, and he’s about the size of a hand.  Now I’ve made him, his body is a good template for making lots of other animals… what […]

A free short story: One Evening at a Ball graphic

A free short story: One Evening at a Ball

Today I am absolutely thrilled to unveil my brand new short story, entitled ‘One Evening at a Ball’.  It’s a regency style romance, when romantic entanglements at Mrs Groves’ ball come to a head, but will everyone find a happy ending? If you, like me, are a fan of Jane Austen, then reading this story […]

2017 Crochet Projects graphic

2017 Crochet Projects

Crochet is a favourite hobby of mine, but it’s one that is very much driven by my mood.  I may not pick up my hook for months at a time if I don’t feel like it.  But when I do, it’s difficult to get me to put it down! Here’s a look at the projects […]

More penpalling ideas: #NationalStationeryWeek graphic

More penpalling ideas: #NationalStationeryWeek

In order to celebrate #NationalStationeryWeek, this week I have been walking you through how to take up penpalling as a hobby.   Today we’re looking at some more advanced ideas of what you can send to your penpals and another way of getting involved in the snail mail community. A mail tag You’ve seen bloggers […]

What to write to your penpals: #NationalStationeryWeek graphic

What to write to your penpals: #NationalStationeryWeek

This week we’ve discussed what supplies you need to begin penpalling, and where to find penpals.  Today for #WorldStationeryDay I’m going to suggest ideas of what you could write to your penpals. Introduce yourself Tell your penpal about your living situation.  Do you live with family or a romantic partner? Do you have any pets? […]

#NationalStationeryWeek: Where to find penpals graphic

#NationalStationeryWeek: Where to find penpals

This week is all about celebrating #NationalStationeryWeek! If you were here yesterday, you will have seen what supplies you will need in order to take up penpalling as a hobby.  Today we’re looking at where to find penpals to write to. International or not The first decision which I would make is whether you want […]

#NationalStationeryWeek: Supplies to begin penpalling graphic

#NationalStationeryWeek: Supplies to begin penpalling

Today is the beginning of National Stationery Week! Which means that it gives me, stationery geek that I am, the opportunity to tell you all about one of my hobbies; penpalling!  I’ve been wanting to blog about it for a while so this seemed like the perfect chance to do so. I will be walking […]

Mother’s Day 2017 graphic

Mother’s Day 2017

This year was the first time I spent Mother’s Day with my mum in years, as we live so far apart.  However this year she was staying with us.  It did get a bit confusing, as I had part of her gift and card delivered to her home address, and her visit was on short […]

I heart drawing graphic

I heart drawing

I picked this book up ages ago and finally actually got around to drawing in it!   Every page has a finished image, with instructions then for you to follow over a series of five images.  It could be a pattern, an object or an animal.   You get a few lines to start, then […]

A look at my bullet journal graphic

A look at my bullet journal

Today I’m opening up my bullet journal for you.  While bullet journals have exploded I have to say I am not finding it the easiest thing in the world, but I think I’ve found a spread that works for me.  If you feel intimidated by the perfect Pinterest bojo spreads, this is the bullet journal […]