Feeling inspired by Martyn Hett graphic

Feeling inspired by Martyn Hett

I didn’t post this directly after Martyn’s funeral, because I really wanted to make this something that I would be proud of writing, and also to make it a fitting tribute to Martyn. Martyn Hett was one of the people killed during the recent Manchester terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert.  Although there were […]

In memory of Lily the guinea pig graphic

In memory of Lily the guinea pig

Hi everyone, Maggie the guinea pig here.  Unfortunately I have bad news to share and I offered to do it on Mum’s behalf.  My best friend Lily passed away on Sunday. We’re all still coming to terms with the shock because it happened so quickly.  Lily was fine on Saturday evening when Mum said goodnight […]

Reflecting on February graphic

Reflecting on February

  It’s time to look back over February, my birthday month. Highlights I went charity shopping quite successfully.   My parents came to stay for the weekend and we went to Pontypridd and a craft fair.   Oliver hosted a 30th birthday party for me at our house.   I enjoyed my mystery 30th birthday […]

A letter to #girlgang members graphic

A letter to #girlgang members

I recently became a member of #girlgang, a blogging community created by Jemma from Dorkface.  I was really excited to receive the first newsletter, and it inspired me to get involved with spreading positivity in the community.  That is the reason Jemma created #girlgang; to spread love and support among bloggers.  However, there is now an […]

Why being a cancer survivor is never over graphic

Why being a cancer survivor is never over

Sharing an emotional video today on why being a cancer survivor is never over… Let me know your thoughts? Is there something that will never be over for you?

A professional photo shoot to celebrate my body graphic

A professional photo shoot to celebrate my body

My body has been through a lot over the years. Cancer, surgery, chemotherapy, IVF, more surgery… I felt like I wanted to celebrate it. So a couple of months ago I booked a professional shoot with Sian Lewis Photo in order to do just that. These photos are me as I truly am.  This is what […]

Being bullied after cancer graphic

Being bullied after cancer

  As a 12 year old child, my life was turned upside down and inside out when I was diagnosed with germ cell cancer. That is one story, but today I am going to discuss a different one; how difficult it was for me to go back to school after cancer. Let me fill in […]

Remembering Oscar graphic

Remembering Oscar

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Oscar, the boxer dog who was our family pet for the first seven years of my life. He features in a lot of my childhood memories.  Playing in the garden, whether I was throwing sticks for him or pretending he was a wizard while I made ‘potions’ from […]

Instant mood boosters graphic

Instant mood boosters

Sometimes we all feel a bit down in the dumps or need a way to lift our mood after a long, tiring day.  Here are my favourite mood boosters which take little time at all: Find a new recipe and plan a trip to buy the ingredients If you love food, then finding a new […]

The value of a mum graphic

The value of a mum

This post is sponsored by Legal and General.  I have received a gift in return for this post. Legal and General have released these figures on what the salary of a mum would be, in order to encourage parents to take out life insurance.  I wanted to highlight it here, to discuss that the job […]