Recently it seems like lots of my TV faves are ending.  For today’s post, can I say first of all… yes, I’m 30, yes I watch PLL (and other high school dramas).  I watched the final ever episode weeks ago, and ever since then I’ve been ruminating on how I feel about it and have watched about 100 reaction videos on Youtube…. now to assemble my thoughts.

I didn’t mind the Cece A reveal; but for the big AD-final-ever-episode reveal, I was expecting to see a character who we knew and loved being revealed as AD; but what we got was a brand new character who we have no emotional connection with, and an evil twin at that.  I felt like a lot of Season 7 was filler content and too concentrated on the relationships.  Yes, fans love the ships, but what we really craved was answers.  Now I have more questions than ever before!

If you look on Youtube there are many well-thought out Spencer twin theories; however the real reveal was not presented with clues from several series ago (such as Veronica saying she didn’t know if Spencer or her evil twin was coming downstairs). Instead, Alex Drake was plonked into the timeline in a way that doesn’t make sense (wasn’t Wren with Melissa for all that time?) and she only appeared in Rosewood in late Season 7.  Don’t get me started on the Wren-is-a-diamond thing! Or the worst Cockney accent since Dick Van Dyke.

We got 15 minutes of answers and the rest of the episode was babies and marriage and sex scenes which we didn’t need.  I really hope that the ending with the new girls re-enacting the pilot barn scene was an homage and not a preview of a spin-off.  I think it’s just meant to mean that in Rosewood, history repeats itself and it will always be creepy.

Here are the questions I still have and will never get closure for:

  • What was the point of Lucas’ comic book?
  • What was Jenna reading in braille when she was with AD?
  • How was the underground metal dungeon built without any one noticing?
  • How did Alex Drake create the board game?
  • When exactly did Alex meet Charlotte?
  • How long were Alex and Wren together?
  • Why did Mary never tell Spencer that she gave birth to another baby after Spencer?
  • If Alex was motivated by who killed Charlotte, why did she recruit Mona to the A Team?
  • Had Toby never looked in the book Spencer gave him?
  • What happened to Marco?
  • Why did Jenna help by telling Toby ‘Spencer’s acting weirdly’ and why did Toby answer her call (I thought they weren’t speaking)?
  • Why did Ezra walk out of the dungeon instead of being stretchered out when he’d been concussed twice?
  • Why couldn’t Alex have got a tattoo of a bullet wound instead of asking Wren to shoot her?
  • How was Wren killed (we know she had a gun, did she shoot him)?
  • If Alex was not working with Archer, why did they both use/make those creepy masks?
  • Did Archer know that Alex had inserted the embryos into Alison, did he help her?
  • Do the girls know Wren is the father of the babies?
  • Why did Alison and Emily have twins (they may run in Ali’s family but she was the surrogate, not biological, mother)?
  • Why aren’t the twin babies mixed race?
  • Why did Alex not hate Mary for selling her?
  • Have Rosewood Police just given up on finding Mary and Alex Drake?
  • How did Mona transport Mary and Alex to France?
  • When did Mona meet her boyfriend and get to know him?
  • Do the Liars know where Mary and Alex are?

Also, it’s been confirmed how the mothers got out of the basement.  They rubbed oil on Pam and pushed her through the window.  What the heck?!

Did you love the PLL finale or are you as disappointed as I am?

  • Food & Baker

    Omg don’t even get me started with this again. I didn’t mind the ending like everyone else seemed to hate it but I do still have so many questions just like yours especially the ones about Mona and her boyfriend haha

    Jessica & James | http://www.foodandbaker.co.uk / http://www.foodandbakertravels.co.uk

  • All the questions! They’ll never be answered…

  • I didn’t love the ending but it was awful expect that accent – that accent though. Thanks for sharing about how the mums got out that’s been bugging me since the last episode aired.

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com

  • Ugh, this seems like it would’ve been a pretty dang unsatisfying ending! I cannot stand it when that happens after you’ve gotten so emotionally invested in a show! But at least you have all the old episodes to rewatch…


  • stealangel

    I love PLL, but life happened and I got behind watching it. I really do need to catch up, but with all the things I have read about the finale, I’m hesitant to go back and finish it. In a way I just want to keep the story from the books in my head and not have it drowned out by the “all overness” of the show.

  • Ugh the accent. Yes finally the answer!

  • Yes, I can rewatch and plan my own more satisfying ending!

  • Yes you’re right about the “all overness”, yet it’s weird how in some ways the finale didn’t feel like the last ever episode. Enjoy watching if you get the time.

  • Chloe

    Oh myyyy I watched PLL religiously for so long after binge watching the first few seasons on Netflix. And then the momentum felt like it faded out and I think I stopped around season 6. I tried to close my eyes around spoilers haha, because I do want to finish it at some point!

    Chloe x

  • Natasha

    What a disappointing ending! So many questions unanswered! I’m sure you’ll be rewatching it all and thinking up your own theories x

  • Maybe, or I might just try to forget about it!

  • I think if you’ve got that far, it’s worth seeing it through to the end!

  • I have never watched PLL and when I saw all the reactions to the finale (most of them brig annoyance / disappointment) I was kinda glad I hadn’t wasted my time hahah!

    Abbey 💗 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  • Stay away from it! Although I did enjoy the vast majority of episodes, so it wasn’t all bad if I try to forget the finale.

  • Lifethrough Tsg

    Ahh I really feel this post! I started watching 3 years ago and have seen every single episode multiple times and I was SO let down by the ending. I watched it in Greece I was that invested, and I was very annoyed! I have all of these questions too, and I bloody hated Alex Drake. Like what?! That accent was awful 😂😂 and the end of the episode made me feel a little sick!
    Hayley X

  • Oh wow you watched from your hols, that’s commitment. The episode was total cringe. So glad you can relate!

  • Kate

    I gave PLL a few episodes in the early stages but I always got the impression it was just going to be season up on season of leading you down a garden path – I learned that lesson the hard way when I majorly, majorly got into Lost …! The less said about that the better!

    I’ve seen so much outrage on Twitter about the ending and judging by the volume of questions it left unanswered I’m glad I did give up! 🙈

    Kate x

  • I guess the writers and producers of shows like this create so much build-up and anticipation that they can’t possibly live up to it!

  • I watched SO MUCH of PLL but I just gave up in the end – I couldn’t carry on with it because it got so repetitive and a bit absurd! Maybe I’ll carry on with it one day but there are so many good shows out there that PLL definitely isn’t my priority. I know everything about the finale and it sounds ridiculous!

  • There were many moments during Season 7 that I thought, ‘not this again!’. If you have other programmes which you’d rather watch, I’d give PLL a miss.

  • Kate

    I am currently on season 5 of pretty little liars and stupidy watched so many fan videos on youtube that I spoiled the A and A.D reveals!! I’m too impatient for my own good haha. I am enjoying the series but there are some parts that really annoy me like details that the leave out like when Ezra got shot and in hospital the girls had no phones but suddenly Aria had one and Spencer nearly dying in the shower; I don’t think we found out who did that..and she never questioned Toby as it couldn’t have been Mona.
    Anyway I really enjoyed reading your post!

  • I’ve always watched it behind and I spoiled the A reveal for myself, but I didn’t mind. Somehow I managed to avoid all AD spoilers. Ugh if I went back I’d drive myself mad with plotholes like that shower scene! Glad you enjoyed my post, I know it was ranty!

  • Alisha Valerie.

    I tried to watch PPL’s but couldn’t get into it. So many people seem to love it though. Maybe I should give it another go? 🌸💗✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x
    http://www.AlishaValerie.com | http://www.twitter.com/AlishaValerie

  • I’m not sure, if there’s something else you’d prefer to watch, I wouldn’t prioritise PLL!

  • Kate

    Ah okay. It is interesting to look for all the hints to A along the way though when you know who it is!
    Yeah, definitely!!
    No worries, it was really good! 😊