At the moment it feels as though a lot of my all-time favourite TV programmes are coming to an end for good.  I need to share my sadness! Warning: spoilers for Scandal and OUAT ahead.

I haven’t long discussed Once Upon a Time, but I feel like there’s more to say.  Many fans are devastated that the cast is losing SIX members of the regular cast for the upcoming seventh season, and surely this means that the show will be coming to its permanent conclusion.  I feel so conflicted about this, because the season six story arc did end nicely (although I would have preferred it if everyone had gone back to live in the Enchanted Forest rather than Storybrooke) but on the other hand, curiosity means that I will tune in for Season 7.

The scene was set for Season 7 in the final Season 6 episode, with a grown up Henry opening his front door to be confronted by his daughter; mirroring exactly what he did to his own mother in Season 1.  OK, it’s cute, but it also raises soooo many questions.  Also, the cast members who are staying are going to be playing different characters…. what the heck? I have to watch just to find out how this all unravels.  These changes were first billed as a soft re-boot, but to me it sounds almost like a brand new show or spin-off.

Another show that’s going to be a bit different in its seventh season is Scandal.  It is confirmed that this will be the final season, and it promises to go with a bang as usual.  The finale of Season 6 has left us with a few changes; Mellie is now President.  Fitz’s role is unclear.  Quinn is pregnant and boss of OPA.  Most of all, Olivia has gone over to the dark side…  I can’t imagine how that is going to play out, but the world should be worried.

I really loved Season 6,  although I can’t quite get over how Huck is still alive.  I am sorry, you do not survive being shot at close range like that, and then manage to get out of a sinking car.  However, it isn’t as though Scandal doesn’t often ask its viewers to suspend reality…  The truth is, during this season we saw a few characters get in touch with the darkness (Abby teaming up with ponytail) and others get in touch with the light (Quinn on discovering her pregnancy).  Maybe now it’s Liv’s turn, much as it scares me….

That’s it for today, but I have more TV posts coming up on other shows which are finishing….. 🙁

Are any of your fave programmes ending soon?  I can’t be the only one?


  • Food & Baker

    Ugh haven’t caught up with OUAT in a while actually. It was so good but yeah, just kind drifted from it but I’d like to attempt it again from where I left off.

    Oh my, I tried not to read much of the Scandal bit as that too I haven’t caught up with but I really need to!

    Ahh good shows! Sad that they are ending for good!

    Jessica & James | /

  • When the final credits roll, it will be a sad day in my house!

  • I don’t watch either of these shows but I have been really tempted by Once Upon a Time, it looks awesome! I haven’t really gotten into a TV show for a while now so I need to scroll through my Netflix and see what takes my fancy!

    Abbey 😘

  • I don’t know what I’m going to watch in future!

  • Haha that’s a good binge! I really recommend Scandal for sure.

  • I gave up watching OUAT a while ago but I’ve kind of been keeping up with the plot. The 7th season sounds so weird, but I can see why people would be intrigued to stay and watch it – even I’m intrigued to see how it plays out!

  • Definitely watch OUAT! I love it!

  • So I absolutely loved OUAT, in a…this is so ridiculous but so good and I can’t stop watching kind of way! I’ll be completely honest, I wish they’d just ended it at season 6, I think it was a fitting end. I’ll give season 7 a go as I’m intrigued, but you’re right, it sounds more like an entirely new show! Maybe that isn’t a bad thing, as I think a lot of the characters had run their course…
    I’ve never watched Scandal though!
    Hels xx

  • I really wish I had kept on with OUAT. I think I finished season 4 or 5 – honestly can’t remember what one now – and then gave up cos I thought it got a bit meh. But my boyfriend and I are thinking about starting it again! xxx

  • I’ve been meaning to watch OUAT since I first saw you mention it on here ages ago, and I still haven’t got round to it. I don’t tend to watch many series on TV, we binge watch on Netflix. The only thing I keep up with is Game of Thrones and that’s ending in a couple of seasons, which makes me sad because I love it the day after an episode airs and everyone is trying to figure out what it all means and what happens next.

  • I could not get into GOT, I tried but I got wrapped up in knots. When it ends there are going to be a LOT of sad people!

  • If you’ve had a break from it then I’d consider trying it again, you got that far, it’s worth going all of the way! xx

  • That is so close to how I feel. The more that comes out about Season 7, the more it sounds like a totally new show. I also wonder what the ending was for minor characters like Blue Fairy and Archie, it doesn’t sound like we’ll see them again.

  • Definitely, it’s curiosity for the old fans and new viewers can start Season 7 as though it’s Season 1…. not that I think viewing figures are going to be amazing.

  • I’m on the final book of a series I love at the moment, so sad! I don’t watch GoT but when it ends it’s going to be tough for lots of people!

  • Lifethrough Tsg

    I watched like the first two seasons of OUAT and gave up, but it’s something I’ve been meaning to go back to! I’m sad for you that your fav shows are ending though.
    Hayley X

  • It’s worth going back to!

  • I love OUAT, the only problem is my boyfriend is really into it now so I ‘have to wait for him’ before watching them haha! This means I am very behind but I love the show all the same!

    Lauren x Huggled

  • Oh no haha, mind you can’t blame him!

  • Alisha Valerie.

    Must admite I’ve never seen this programme before, but it sounds like you like it babe. 🌸💗✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |

  • Haha yes I get very passionate!

  • Kate

    ooh do you know, I haven’t heard of Once Upon A Time but it sounds really interesting – I’m going to check that out! Also, RE: Scandal, I have heard of this one and I’ve been meaning to get into it for ages – I get really one-minded about TV shows, so atm I just watch How I Met Your Mother pretty much on repeat! I need to branch out more and this has given me the perfect starting point!

    Kate x

  • Yes I really recommend you try them both out! I need new shows to get one-minded about.

  • Kate

    I’ve heard of Once Upon A Time and have been meaning to watch it for ages. Sounds really interesting though! I haven’t heard of Scandal. I’ll hopefully try watch them soon! At the moment I’m watching Pretty Little Liars and Suits. Great post!

  • Gwennan Rees

    This is one of those shows that I keep meaning to sit down to but never get the chance! Have reminded myself to get watching!

  • GO go go!