I didn’t post this directly after Martyn’s funeral, because I really wanted to make this something that I would be proud of writing, and also to make it a fitting tribute to Martyn.

Martyn Hett was one of the people killed during the recent Manchester terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert.  Although there were many innocent, beautiful souls lost that night, Martyn in particular stood out to me.  He was my age, which was the first thing that drew me to his story, but as I learnt more about him…. here was a man who unapologetically lived his life to the full, as unashamedly and unabashedly 100% himself.

Isn’t that what we should all aspire to?

When I read about Martyn’s funeral, I couldn’t help but cry at this brightest of lives having been snuffed out cruelly, several decades too early.  Martyn’s coffin was covered in images of Coronation Street characters, that programme being his passion.  Martyn had a tattoo of Deirdre Barlow, wore shorts to work, and infused joy into the lives of everyone around him.  I felt deeply inspired by him, and only sorry that I’d only come to hear of him due to his premature death.

I want to live a life filled with a passion for something that’s so great, my family put images of it on my coffin.  I want to bring a smile to those around me.  I want to be myself, truly and completely myself.

I am so glad that Martyn has touched so many lives.  Does he inspire you like he does me?

  • Food & Baker

    This was such a beautiful post. I didn’t read about his funeral but when I saw he was one of the victims, I looked into him and felt exactly the same. His videos and messages shows the amazing person he was and how joy he brought to people! Very inspirational, thank you for sharing!

    Jessica & James | http://www.foodandbaker.co.uk / http://www.foodandbakertravels.co.uk

  • Martyn sounds like an incredible man who was 100% true to himself, I respect that a great deal and I feel like we can all learn a lot from him! This was a very sweet and fitting tribute to Martyn, thank you so much for sharing it with us! I am sure that he would have been delighted to be such an inspirational figure to you!

    Abbey 🌸 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  • Lifethrough Tsg

    I, too, was touched by Martyn’s life. It’s amazing that he was unapologetically himself.
    Hayley X

  • It really is!

  • Thanks so much. His coffin really moved me.

  • I totally agree, thanks Abbey, I hope so.

  • This is a really lovely tribute, he sounded like an incredible man, so full of life.
    Hels xx

  • I completely agree, thanks Hels!

  • Kate

    The Manchester bombings were such a tragic and harrowing thing to happen. I remember reading about Martyn in the aftermath (did you see the #bemoremartyn hashtag? It was a lovely tribute) and feeling, like you did, inspired that someone could live their life with so much passion. I hope his family seek comfort in the fact he left such a legacy and that he touched so many lives in his too-short time on this earth.

    Beautifully written Llinos

    Kate x

  • Oh my gosh Kate the hashtag nearly had me in tears. You’re so right, at this dark time I hope his family are taking comfort in how much Martyn has inspired the country. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  • Alisha Valerie.

    This is such a wonderfully lovely blog post babe. The Manchester bombings touched so many people and hurt so many more, it’s lovely that you seen a light at the end of a very long dark tunnel. Martyn was such an incredible person. Thank you for sharing. 🌸💗✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x
    http://www.AlishaValerie.com | http://www.twitter.com/AlishaValerie

  • Aw thanks Alisha, so glad you like the post and my sentiments behind it.

  • Kate

    This is a lovely,thoughtful tribute. He sounds like a great man.

  • Thanks, I think he was.

  • Kate

    No problem!