Stay with me here now please readers, because I realise this might sound a little strange.  But some days I feel like I am not a blogger, and like I am about to be found out.

I know what you’ll say.  “But, Llinos, this is your blog, you are clearly a blogger!”  “You have written 500 posts!” And sure, you are right.

This isn’t about wanting to be called an ‘influencer’ or a ‘writer’ like I’ve seen a little of on Twitter.  I just mean, sometimes I can’t believe it.

I can’t believe that I taught myself how to use Blogger first of all, then I came over to WordPress (and never looked back btw), that I set up all of these social media accounts and that I get to chat to you lovelies and write about my passions….

I enjoy advertising on other blogs and when I ask for an ad, sometimes I expect the blogger to say “no, you aren’t a blogger.”  Sounds crazy, hey?  Guess what? I’ve never been turned down.  I’ve never been told that I’m not good enough.

I just can’t believe that I am in the same category as some of the bloggers whose blogs I enjoy so much.  That what they bring to my life, I might bring to someone else’s.

There are definitely bloggers who have been blogging for less time than I have but who have larger audiences, more comments, more followers…. but hey, I do what I can and what I want.  I live my life and then I blog about it, not the other way around.

I feel like I am not the ‘perfect’ blogger with the amazing photos, a posting schedule she always keeps to, the best beauty recommendations or gorge outfit posts.  But if you want a bit of book love, a bit of emotion, if you feel like I do that the world is shaped a certain way and you can’t fit yourself into that mould; you are welcome here.

So yes this may just be a big long ramble about my fear that someone’s going to say “away from the blogosphere with you!” Part of it is also a lot of gratitude that I get to do this and pleasure that I have created this, mainly just little me by myself.

Are you as a blogger ever so hard on yourself like this?

  • Aww, you are definitely a blogger, girlfriend! Also, isn’t WordPress the best?

  • I can complete relate to this. As bloggers, I feel like it’s very easy for us to hold ourselves to the same standard as “big bloggers”, even if we aren’t actually aspiring to that, and feel like a bit of a failure for maybe not aspiring to be a huge blogger. I’m so glad I came across your blog, and I love blogs like yours because it’s real and so much more relatable to me.

  • Food & Baker

    Awww lovely, you’re defo as much of a blogger as we are! Trust me, as food bloggers we too aren’t in the same spectrum of all the fancy stuff we see but we’re doing what we’re doing! You should be so proud!

    Jessica & James |

  • Aw thanks! Yes I will never use anything else now.

  • Thanks so much you two! I hear every word, love that, we’re doing what we’re doing.

  • Thanks Rosie. I much prefer following and reading smaller blogs, it’s more fun and more interactive and genuine.

  • Oh Llinos, I’m so sorry that you don’t feel like you can call yourself a blogger with confidence! When I first joined the community I noticed you as one of the most well respected bloggers out there, I would never have guessed that you felt this way! Comparison is the root of all evils, I think, and I soon start to feel down about myself when I compare my photography and content to other people’s too! However, I think you have exactly the right mindset when you say that you just focus on doing what you love, and contributing something a little different to the blogosphere! You write really awesome content so don’t forget it!

    Abbey 🌸

  • Isn’t it interesting how people can have such different perspectives, Abbey…. “One of the most well respected bloggers out there”, really? That’s made my day! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t sit here brooding insecurely for days, it just pops into my head sometimes. Thanks so much for being so kind, I’m so glad blogging led us to connecting.

  • I think your blog is really pretty and professional looking! You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself- after all, everyone sees things differently.

    I sometimes feel the way you do- when I see bloggers who started after me get a ton of follows and likes and it makes me wonder what I’m doing wrong? But then I have to remember that blogging for me is a hobby! I have a limit to how much time and effort I can put into my blog while studying medicine. I often have to take a deep breath and remind myself of that over and over- blogging is a hobby, not a competition. I write posts for myself, not for comments and follows. Those are just an added bonus, not a scale to measure my blog’s worth from.

    Also, really? Is wordpress really that good? I’m not sure if I have the energy and time to convert my blogger into wordpress 🙁 //

  • Yes exactly, it is important to remember how blogging is a hobby for so many of us. I have a limited time to devote to it. If you are happy with Blogger, then it can be a big faff to change, but I wasn’t happy with it. Now I have WordPress, I can’t imagine being without it.

  • Geet Singh

    aww, i can definitely relate to this post. i want to let you know that you are a great blogger and i am learning so much from your posts. it can be sometimes difficult to not get compared in blogging community but there is so much positivity that you can ignore that little bit of negativity.

    GEET X

  • Hi Geet, thanks so much for this uplifting comment, it’s amazing to know you are learning from my blog, what a compliment! I forgot to say on your blog, I too am a massive Lilly Singh fan!

  • Just Joelle

    I feel like this 90% of the time, especially when I read some of the blogging politics, speak to experienced bloggers and look at some peoples professionally taken photos! I love reading your posts, and the wonderful thing about blogging is that it can take any form you want. You’ve made your own path and you are most definitely a true blogger!
    Joelle x

  • Hi Joelle, thanks for such a thoughtful comment, I do feel like I’ve made my own path, you’re right. I’m really enjoying your posts too and love the insight into your life which you share with us.

  • You are definitely not alone in feeling like this. Believe it or not, I often feel the same way! But believe this, if nothing else, you are definitely a blogger, and an awesome one at that! x x

  • You are 100% an awesome blogger too! #ingoodcompany

  • Ellis Woolley

    I can totally to relate to what you’re saying, especially with things like YouTube – I can’t bring myself to say ‘I’m a YouTuber’ when really it doesn’t matter how many followers and things you have. You’re doing the thing itself and that is enough 🙂 It’s the same with my freelance work, I still find it so odd to tell people I’m an illustrator after so many years of ‘oh I’m a dog handler’
    Your blog is one of my favourites to visit – keep it up lady! x x
    Ellis //

  • Oh your words really made me feel cosy inside, thanks so much Ellis x x