You read the title, let’s get into it!

The Oranges

I watched this because of the cast; Hugh Laurie, Allison Janney, Leighton Meester… In hindsight, I can’t believe they would sign up to this.  The premise is that two families live opposite each other and are best friends.  However, when Leighton comes home after years away, she falls in love with Hugh Laurie’s character.  I am a huge Hugh Laurie fan but this is surely one of his worst career decisions ever.


I switched this off after 20 mins.  Will Ferrell is a fallen film star who is starring in a TV remake of Bewitched, all about a witch and her husband. Will doesn’t know that Nicole Kidman, the newcomer who won the part, is an actual witch.  A bit too twee for me, and I just can’t see Will Ferrell as a love interest.


In the wake of the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death, I knew I wanted to watch this, despite it being so negatively received.  Diana is played by Naomi Watts, and the film portrays her final two years and her love affair with a heart surgeon.  It’s far too early for a film like this to be made and not be controversial, and I found it to be very laborious and also quite pointless.

Did you Hear about the Morgans?

I actually don’t understand this title at all.  A couple on the brink of divorce witness a murder and are forced to go away together as part of the witness protection programme.  You can probably guess what happens.  Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant play the Morgans, and with zero chemistry it’s hard to feel invested in their relationship.

What to Expect when you’re Expecting

Five couples are expecting babies, and their lives are all connected somehow…. There’s the celeb fitness trainer who’s having a baby with her DWTS partner, the trophy wife who is having twins at the same time as her step-daughter-in-law’s pregnancy, the photographer looking to adopt… I thought I’d enjoy this more than I did and it was a little long and drawn out.


A man wakes up on his wedding day, naked in a hotel lift.  He has an hour to get to the church and get married before he ends up back in the lift, Groundhog Day-style… This was actually entertaining and had me giggling, definitely worth trying for a couple of hours of easy viewing.

Special Correspondents

This is not what I was expecting at all!  I thought it was going to be an action movie where Ricky Gervais and Eric Bana are intrepid journalists who are fighting for a good cause in a war zone, but all of the action happens during the last 15 minutes.  Most of the film is set in a restaurant.  Confused?  So was I!

Mother’s Day

Along the lines of New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day, this is an ensemble film where all of the characters’ lives are intertwined.  I nearly switched it off after ten minutes, but I liked Jennifer Aniston’s character, so I stuck with it.  Jennifer plays Sandy, a single divorced mum who thinks her ex-husband wants her back, only for him to tell her he’s married his 20-something on/off girlfriend.  Don’t ask me what else happened, I dropped off…

Have you seen any of these?

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Abbey Louisa Rose

  • I used to absolutely adore the film Bewitched when I was younger, it is indeed very twee but it was just so cute that I loved it! Although yes, Will Ferrel is an unlikely love interest hahah! Naked sounds like a laugh, might have to pop that on!

    Abbey 🍂

  • They don’t sound too good, that is a shame.

  • A bit disappointing!

  • I’m sure that I first watched Bewitched years ago and quite liked it, but I couldn’t get my head around Will Ferrell as a love interest! Yes Naked is worth a watch.

  • Lifethrough Tsg

    Ahh I love Bewitched! It’s a bit crap, but it’s a lovable crap! I love Did You Hear About the Morgans too, as it’s an easy watch and makes me laugh. I agree with you on What To Expect When You’re Expecting, I was disappointed that there’s no warning for the *spoiler* miscarriage as I thought that that was really insensitive.
    Hayley X

  • I love SJP, I wish it wasn’t Hugh Grant in Did You Hear About the Morgans, I might have enjoyed it more. Yes the miscarriage didn’t quite feel right, I don’t think the tone was sensitive enough.

  • I actually haven’t seen any of these. I need to watch more on Netflix but I never have time to sit down and watch anything! It’s a shame you found so many of them disappointing!

  • Yes I did manage to find some duds haha!

  • Food & Baker

    We’ve seen 4 of these in the list, we’re easy suckers when it comes to films but we also only need 5 mins to know a certain film won’t be for us, will have a feel of the others taking in what you’ve thought too!

    Jessica & James | /

  • It’s very rare for me to give up on a film so it’s not a good sign when I do!

  • Kate

    I am so useless with films, although I have heard of quite a few of these! I love how honest your reviews are, I feel like we have similar taste in films so I probably will steer clear of most of these! However I do like Did You Hear About the Morgans when I need a crappy film to watch!
    Kate x

  • Yes I can imagine watching the Morgans on a rainy afternoon again with my eye half on something else I was doing!

  • Kate

    I haven’t watched many films on netflix, I usually go for series’. It was interesting to read your reviews though. By the way you take such lovely photos! I love the pic at the top of the post!

  • I usually watch series’ too so films were a change! I wish I did take these pics, they’re stock photos that I own so don’t have to credit.