When it comes to Youtuber books, I tend to stay away from them.  I prefer to read books by people who write for the love of it, and aren’t just doing it for their online brand.  That’s how most Youtuber books come across to me, anyway.  They never mention books in their videos, until it’s time to announce the publication of their own… cynical, moi?

I don’t watch Fleur de Force on Youtube, so I’m not really sure what drew me to buy this, her second book, The Luxe Life.  However every now and again I get tempted by a book that’s going to look good on my coffee table, and for that, this definitely fits the bill.  I’d also heard that this book included brand new content which was not featured online, so I thought it might be worth buying if it was info that could not be found on Fleur’s channel.

I would describe this book as a guide to hosting parties rather than everyday life tips.  Think decor, gifts, your outfit, makeup and of course, the menu.  It is a beautiful book that I will definitely turn to next time I plan an event at home.  However, it lacked a certain something for me.  Yes, the advice is simple which can be good sometimes, but I felt like I could have got her ideas elsewhere.  There was no Wow Factor.

Until my next dinner party, this book looks pretty on my shelf, but will probably one day end up being donated to a charity raffle as a prize.  I’m going back to not reading Youtuber books for now.

Have you read The Luxe Life and do you watch Fleur on Youtube?

  • Food & Baker

    It looks like a very pretty book to be fair! But I completely get what you mean by staring away from those types of books but I hope it helps your next dinner party. Might just have a peak at it if I ever come across it haha

    Jessica & James | foodandbaker.co.uk / foodandbakertravels.co.uk

  • Charlene McElhinney

    I’ve never read any YouTuber books, but I recently got sent Zoella’s Girl Online book by a fellow book blogger so I’ll need to let you know what I think once I’ve read it!

    I appreciate your honesty in this post, dear, and have to take my hat off to you!

    Charlene McElhinney

  • You definitely make an interesting point about YouTubers only mentioning an interest in books when it’s time for them to launch one. I understand why YouTuber books happen, and it’s great for them, but from the reviews I’ve read they don’t quite seem to live up to expectations.

  • Yes it’s worth a look and I love the rose gold spine, definitely pick it up if you see it in a shop.

  • I’ve stayed away from Girl Online to be honest, but I’d love your thoughts on it. There are just other books which I want to read more. Thanks!

  • I think that’s why I went for a book by a Youtuber whose videos I don’t watch, so I wouldn’t be disappointed. I am a big fan of Lilly Singh though, but I am terrified of being disappointed by her book so I’m avoiding it!

  • Hello!!!
    I have Fleur’s first book – The Glam Guide & it’s ok I suppose but I don’t reach for it much if at all! I used to be a big Fleur follower & fan but when she announced she would be working with MAC I ended my fandom. How such a big Youtuber can work with a brand which actually tests on animals is beyond me. Money obviously means more to her than animal’s lives. 😩😩😭😭
    I did want this book but my Mum had seen bad reviews so I stayed away!! Haha!! Nothing special about it if I’m honest!!!
    Sometimes I don’t understand how bloggers & youtubers can bring out books when struggling authors don’t get a look in!!! Ugh.
    Thanks Llinos!
    Love Sarah Xoxo

  • I think Fleur has disappointed lots of fans with the MAC collab, I’m sure you weren’t alone by a long shot. It is frustrating how authors with real talent can be overlooked in favour of a Youtuber with no previous writing experience. Thanks for visiting and commenting xx

  • I have picked up a few Youtuber’s books in the past – some of them are just awful and boring and you wonder how on earth they even got a book deal in the first place! Others are pretty good. If nothing else, you can usually guarantee they’ll look good on your coffee table. I’ve not read this one – but I won’t rush out to buy it! x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  • I must admit that I haven’t gravitated towards YouTubers books either – honestly it seems like a lot of them are just a moneymaking ploy and that there isn’t a big focus on quality! Like Sarah, I was really disappointed to see Fleur collaborating with a makeup brand that tests on animals, so I won’t be supporting her products! It doesn’t look like I’m missing out on much by not having this book either – thanks for being so open and honest with your thoughts!

    Abbey 💋 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  • Kate

    Ooh! Interesting, I’m actually not aboard the YouTube hype – I guess I just prefer to read things especially when it comes to blogs… I must be in the minority I know! I’d be pretty intrigued to read this – ‘party hosting’ books always seem quite fun, and I’d like to see what quick-tips they give.

    Good point about it not containing stuff you’d find online, I think after your review I might give it a go!

    Also – I know what you mean about coffee table books! I’m a sucker for a pretty hardback!

    Kate x

  • This one looked great on my coffee table, I’m sure lots of girls bought it for the rose gold spine! The content is ok but not spectacular by any means.

  • I think if you’re 14 and want to buy everything that your idol produces, Youtuber books serve a purpose… but then again this book is definitely meant to be appeal to an older audience and I feel it misses the mark. I think Fleur made a mistake with the MAC collab for sure.

  • This book is definitely very pretty, and it is good that the content is not available in Fleur’s videos. I doubt the info would be hard to find online though, it’s not that original. I am a sucker for a party hosting book, I don’t know why, it’s not like I host them very often!

  • Alisha Valerie.

    I have both Fleur’s books and personally love them. I do however prefer the first one but it was lovely hearing your thoughts babe. 🌸💗✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x
    http://www.AlishaValerie.com | http://www.twitter.com/AlishaValerie

  • Zara McIntosh

    I enjoy watching Fleur on YouTube as her videos are so refreshing and she seems like a genuinely loving person. I haven’t ever picked up her books but I have friends who enjoy reading them, I may pick one up someday x

  • I’ve not read this (nor do I watch her actually) but I’ve always been a bit sceptical of YouTuber books as well. I’m getting a totally different impression from Louise Pentland’s book Wilde Like Me. I watch her regularly and she really is so passionate about this book and she even admits that she’s had an easier ride in her book journey than most which I really admire. There’s only a few YouTuber’s whos books I’d read I think! xx

  • I don’t really know why I bypassed the first book and bought the second!

  • If you like her videos then yes, go for it. I need to get round to watching her just out of curiosity.

  • That’s interesting, I don’t watch Louise or know anything about her book except that it’s a novel. The Youtuber books I would read can be counted on one hand for sure xx

  • Gwennan Rees

    I’ve never been a massive fan of Fleur De Force, not so much that I don’t like her but I feel like I missed her peak? Like when she was growing her following. Just one of them nice coffee table books innit!

  • She completely passed me by for several years tbh!