Yes you read the title correctly, for the first time ever I’m offering advertising on my blog! Today I thought I’d share with you the lovelies who I’m very pleased to be promoting this month.

Girl Masked

Girl Masked is Kate, a lifestyle blogger and book lover ie a girl after my own heart.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know Kate’s blog recently, it’s like a chocolate box with lots of different flavours in it!  I love a good tag and she’s done a few recently, they’re such a good way to get to know a blogger.  Her anxiety tips are really useful and practical and she took an amazing trip to Budapest this summer which made me want to grab my passport NOW.   Head over to the blog and follow Kate on Twitter.

Finding Kate

Another blogging Kate!  Kate’s a London gal who will make you horribly jealous of her outings and her holidays…. However, as she’s so lovely, you won’t hold it against her for more than a few moments.  She also shares some lovely fashion posts.  I enjoy chatting to Kate on Twitter, I just get the feeling that I’d love a cuppa and a natter with her!  Follow Kate on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

Food and Baker

Jessica and James are a travel and food blogging duo who are a couple too, and they recently celebrated three years together (congrats guys!).  To be quite honest, next time I plan to go to London I will be checking their blog for the coolest places to eat before I do anything else.  I also enjoyed living their interrailing experience with them this summer.  Jessica and James are so supportive on social media, always encouraging and commenting.  Follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Things Sarah Loves

Sarah is based in Glasgow and blogs about her love of crafting, tea and reading… um, can we be BFFs please, Sarah? If, like me, you want all the afternoon tea, the goss on where to eat in Glasgow, plus all things crafting, you need to head to Sarah’s blog now.  She’s recently made a blogging comeback after transplant surgery so now’s the time to follow Sarah on Twitter and Instagram.  I hope you’re recovering well, Sarah.

Abbey Louisa Rose

When Abbey first started blogging, she simply burst onto the scene and now I can’t imagine the blogging community without her.  She’s a busy lady; she recently co-created the Blogger Book Nook (books and bloggers? Count me in) and began her PhD at the University of Leicester.  One day Abbey will blog about what’s important to her in blogging, the next about her thoughts on fashion; I just love the variety! Follow Abbey on Twitter and Instagram.

I hope you enjoyed learning about these bloggers! If you’d like to advertise with me, tweet me @thelilaclinnet.

  • Ahhh what a lovely introduction to all your advertisers, so exciting that you’re now offering advertising!
    Hels xx

  • Kate

    Lovely post, Llinos! Thanks so much for your kind words and for including me! It was great to read about all the other bloggers too. I haven’t read Sarah’s blog before but I’ll definitely check it out!

  • Aw thanks Hels, it was fun to write!

  • Yay I hope you enjoy like I did!

  • Ah, so great – I can’twait to check out these new blogs! I must have missed the post where you mentioned advertising, but tht’s so cool. If you have spaces I’d love to advertise with you in the future, Llinos! x

  • I hope you enjoy reading them, Laila! That’s great, shall I drop you the advert details?