It’s a sign that you’re a blogger; something annoys you and you feel compelled to write a blog post about it!  Here’s a list of things have been getting under my skin lately.

People suggesting I straighten my hair

I haven’t straightened my hair that much recently, it’s just so much easier to let it do its natural, thick, curly thing.  Don’t think I haven’t noticed people saying ‘Your hair would look nice if you straightened it’! Or, even worse, saying that when I HAVE spent an hour melting in the heat to straighten it!

Slow walkers

I’m often told that I walk too quickly for others to keep up with me.  So it won’t be much of a surprise that getting stuck behind dawdlers in the street when I’m on a mission is not something guaranteed to put me in a good mood.

Unripe avocados

The ultimate #firstworldproblem… You buy an avocado and days later you’re still waiting for it to ripen…

Not having a dishwasher

I know, I know, it’s hardly a necessity, but some days I think I can’t look at another dirty dish.  When I go to my parents’ it’s like a huge treat when I can put crockery in the dishwasher.

Running out of toilet paper

There’s nothing worse than being without loo roll… I like to know that there’s several rolls in the house at all times.  Oliver thinks I’m over the top about it but it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to this issue.

Lipsticks falling out of the tube

You know that annoying thing when the lipstick just snaps and you can’t put it back in the tube.  You can’t use the lipstick again and you have to throw it away when you’ve only used it once and you spent £12 on it.

Do you agree with me on any of these?

  • Food & Baker

    Honestly feel you on slow walkers, unripen avocados, defo not having a dish washer and running out of toilet paper. This was actually fun to read and so relatable!

    Jessica & James | /

  • Avocado should always be ripe and ready, that’s what I think too. Dishwasher is a necessity for me, I use it every day.

  • Gwennan Rees

    The slow walking one got me – I’m EXACTLY the same! I have no time for tourists in Cardiff stopping and looking to see where they are etc, I whizz past people!

  • YES! Whizzing is the word.

  • So jealous now of your dishwasher! I think my avocado will be ripe for me to eat later on, yay.

  • Glad you enjoyed and agreed!

  • I agree with you on ALL of these – but especially the slow walkers and loo roll! I have to know there are at least 4 loo rolls in the house (2 for each bath room), and if there aren’t I will make sure to go and get a new pack from the supermarket. Who wants to be caught short on the loo?! x x

  • I’m with you on slow walking, I walk everywhere like I’m on a mission. Where I used to live, Aldi sold a two-pack of avocados; one was already ripe and one was unripe, such a good idea.

  • Lifethrough Tsg

    Oh my gosh I feel the hair straightening one in my soul. Everyone always says the same to me as I used to straighten it every day, but I love letting my hair do it’s own thing now! I also agree about slow walkers, that really winds me up, and lipsticks falling out of the tube is positively heartbreaking.
    Hayley x

  • Oh my goodness, SLOW WALKERS! I get so infuriated when there’s a crowd of slow walkers taking up the whole pavement, I’m not sure there’s anything more frustrating in the world haha! Being at uni without having a dishwasher makes me appreciate having one at home soooo much more! I’ll never complain about having to load it again! This post put a smile on my face!

    Abbey 😘

  • EXACTLY! I think that’s the perfect loo roll policy.

  • I love that avocado pack, I need to get to Aldi!

  • When lipstick falls out of the tube, it’s the worst start to the day! YES I am glad someone gets me on the hair straightening.

  • Loading the dishwasher is better than washing up constantly! Haha glad you enjoyed this post.

  • Kate

    Hahahah yes I am SO with you on ALL of these! Slow walkers KILL me, and as I live in a house share with four other people, a dishwasher was a non negotiable for us! I have totally been known to Google ‘speed up the ripening of an avocado’ so I am WITH you lady!
    Really fun post 🙂
    Kate x

  • Glad you enjoyed reading it, Kate! So glad you know where I’m coming from.

  • Kate

    Haha I loved reading this post and I agree with all the points that you have mentioned. Slow walkers really annoy me too especially when I get off the bus and have to get to uni on the other side of town and everyone seems to be walking like snails haha. My hair never straightens either and if I curl it and am lucky enough to get 1 or two curls they disappear once the air hits them. I’ve spent far too long trying to style it! So my hair is just naturally thick and wavy and it cant change haha! Loved this post, thanks for sharing!!

  • It seems like slow walkers are a universal annoyance! Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed.

  • YES to unripe avocados! If I’m ever out for lunch/dinner i swear i scour the menu for avocado, just because i never buy them for home (too much disappointment) Also find the slow walker fury is at its highest when i’m running for a train/bus… been made late many a time because of this 😛

    Bumble & Be

  • That’s a good idea actually to eat them when you’re out for lunch, as I type I’m waiting for two avocados to ripen in my kitchen!