This week is all about celebrating #NationalStationeryWeek! If you were here yesterday, you will have seen what supplies you will need in order to take up penpalling as a hobby.  Today we’re looking at where to find penpals to write to.

International or not

The first decision which I would make is whether you want to find penpals in your own country, whether you want to write to international penpals in neighbouring countries or on the other side of the world, or a mixture of both.  Most of my penpals are in the UK due to the high cost of international postage, but it’s completely up to you.

Friends and family who live far away from you

The natural place to start is to think of friends and family who you may enjoy writing to.  Perhaps you have a uni friend who lives on the other side of the country.  Or a cousin living abroad.  Reach out and ask if they’d like to be penpals!  It’s more fun than What’sApp.


This is where I have found most of my penpals.  Search #snailmail and you’ll find some beautiful accounts.  Also #penpalswanted is a golden hashtag for finding others who are looking for penpals, sorted!

#beechat on Twitter

A lovely lady called Charlene manages this snail mail community on Twitter.  If you message her on @Cbeechat then she will give you a couple of addresses for you to get started with writing letters to.

Post Pals

If you would like to make the life of an ill child a little brighter, then you can write to a child registered on this website.  Please be aware however, that there’s no requirement for the child or their family to write to you.  It’s best to do this for the warm glow you will feel inside for doing something nice!

Write to your penpals’ penpals!

After a little while, perhaps you can ask your penpals if they have someone who they write to who would be a good penpal for you too.  Or check out which penpalling accounts your penpals follow on Instagram and approach them.

A little warning…

I’ve started a new penpal relationship a few times by writing the first letter to someone who sounded really keen and then I’ve never heard anything back from them.  It’s very annoying but unfortunately it happens.  Don’t let it put you off though, you will find penpals who are looking to build a long friendship.  On the other hand, if you can’t sustain penpalling, the best thing is to be honest and tell them so.

I hope you find this a useful guide to finding penpals.  Join me next time when I’ll be suggesting what to write in your first few letters.


  • Some great advice here, Llinos! Including quite a lot of things I hadn’t thought of! All of my penpals came through the #beechat snail mail scheme which I adore! I have experienced a couple of times when people have either not responded to my first letter, or just stopped responding entirely while we were getting to know each other, which is a little sad but as you say, you can’t let it get you down! Thanks for sharing this!

    Abbey 😘

  • Food & Baker

    This is such a great follow up post from your last one! We’ve heard of snailmail with beechat but just never joined! I like the idea with family and friends loving far away!

    Jessica & James |

  • I think it’s the natural place to begin to find penpals! Thanks, yes all posts have this theme this week.

  • Yes it can be a little sad but I think if you want to sustain penpalling as a hobby, you need to keep on going with the people who do keep up a constant letter flow. Glad you enjoyed the post and found it useful, Abbey!

  • Lifethrough Tsg

    This is such a cute follow up post from the other! I’d really like to start up penpalling but I think I’ve got too much going on right now to keep up.
    Hayley X

  • Thanks I’m enjoying writing the series! Yes it can be a tricky hobby to juggle.

  • Just Joelle

    I love this post, I’m going to send a letter to someone on Post Pals I think – such a lovely idea!
    Joelle X

  • Aw that is absolutely wonderful, Joelle x

  • One site that I used for a few years was Students of the World. I spoke to so many great people on there, and a mixture of email and snail mail. I haven’t used it for ages though (especially now that I’m not a student)!

  • That sounds like a really great site!

  • I’ve always wanted Penpals, so I’m now trying the different sites to see if I can get some! 😀