2017 Crochet Projects

Crochet is a favourite hobby of mine, but it’s one that is very much driven by my mood.  I may not pick up my hook for months at a time if I don’t feel like it.  But when I do, it’s difficult to get me to put it down! Here’s a look at the projects […]

31 May 2017

book discussion

Murder mysteries to get your teeth into

Recently I have been reading cosy murder mysteries at an alarming rate…  If you want a quick read, perhaps a historical setting, and of course a compelling whodunnit, read on for my picks. If you want a mysterious Scottish castle… Murder of a Lady by Anthony Wynne Duchlan Castle is an imposing fortress in the […]

30 May 2017


My 30th birthday celebrations

Waaay back in February, I turned 30 years old. Let’s not dwell on how long it has taken me to write this post…. Instead, here are the other posts I wrote to commemorate this milestone: What my Twenties Taught Me A Decade in Review: My Twenties What I got for my 30th birthday My parents […]

29 May 2017


Liebster Blog Award Nomination

I am finally getting around to completing the Liebster nomination from Sarah, thanks ever so much for nominating me! OK so what I have to do is… Post 11 facts about yourself Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you Here we go! 11 facts about me… I’m left handed but brush […]

23 May 2017

book discussion

Love, death and history: recent reads

I have been reading A LOT recently, far too many books to keep up with any kind of reviewing schedule here on the blog!  However, I thought these three would go nicely together, so let’s get to it. The Strangling on the Stage – Simon Brett This novel is part of the Fethering mystery series, […]

22 May 2017


Why Anne Boleyn fascinates me

  Today is the anniversary of Anne Boleyn’s execution.  She was put to death at 8.00am at the Tower of London on 19th May 1536 due to charges of adultery and incest. Just in case you aren’t aware of her, one of the most famous women in history…. Anne was Henry VIII’s second wife, the […]

19 May 2017


The strangest topic ever? Visiting a famous grave

Recently the historian, Dan Snow, presented a documentary about his famous ancestor, David Lloyd George, who was British Prime Minister from 1916-1922.  What interests me about him is that he grew up near Criccieth in North Wales, which is not far from where I was raised in Anglesey.  So on my last visit to stay […]

10 May 2017


Thoughts on magazines

I’ve always enjoyed reading magazines; there are times when I would almost have considered myself addicted to them, if such a thing is possible.  When I was a child I used to love choosing one to buy with my mum every Saturday morning.  As an adult, I’ve read them all, from the big glossies to […]

8 May 2017


In memory of Lily the guinea pig

Hi everyone, Maggie the guinea pig here.  Unfortunately I have bad news to share and I offered to do it on Mum’s behalf.  My best friend Lily passed away on Sunday. We’re all still coming to terms with the shock because it happened so quickly.  Lily was fine on Saturday evening when Mum said goodnight […]

3 May 2017