My favourite TV programmes are ending: Reign

Last week I wrote about two of my favourite TV programmes which are coming to a close; now to discuss one that’s already ended, Reign. Spoilers ahead! As a teen historical soap loosely based on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, I resisted watching any episodes of this for years.  Finally I gave in, […]

20 Jul 2017


Q & A with Maggie the guinea pig

Recently I asked some blogger friends if they had any questions to ask Maggie, my guinea pig.  It’s taken a while to get round to interviewing Maggie and writing this post; Maggie has a busy social life and as a guinea pig around town, I had to wait for her to clear an afternoon for […]

17 Jul 2017


My favourite TV programmes are ending: Scandal and OUAT

At the moment it feels as though a lot of my all-time favourite TV programmes are coming to an end for good.  I need to share my sadness! Warning: spoilers for Scandal and OUAT ahead. I haven’t long discussed Once Upon a Time, but I feel like there’s more to say.  Many fans are devastated […]

13 Jul 2017


June Favourites

I don’t usually write posts like this but I thought it might be good for me to look back over the things which made me happy in June. Black handbag Oliver won a prize in a raffle, and the sweetheart decided to bring this gorgeous bag home for me rather than choosing a prize for […]

5 Jul 2017

book discussion

How to Hygge in Summer

I am the last person on Earth to read The Little Book of Hygge, but it inspired me to share with you some ideas I have on how to hygge during the summer, as I believe there’s a misconception that it’s a winter only activity. No candles? Get out in the daylight Candles are a […]

3 Jul 2017


Prince Harry: reckless or relatable?

My purpose in writing today’s post about Prince Harry is to approach it not as a debate on the monarchy, but rather by examining his comments in light of his position as a high profile figure. Whenever Prince Harry makes a public comment, it’s bound to be scrutinised, judged and debated.  He’s bound to be […]

30 Jun 2017

book discussion

The Luxe Life and Youtuber books

When it comes to Youtuber books, I tend to stay away from them.  I prefer to read books by people who write for the love of it, and aren’t just doing it for their online brand.  That’s how most Youtuber books come across to me, anyway.  They never mention books in their videos, until it’s […]

29 Jun 2017


Meet Frank the Fox

Today I want you to meet someone very special… my latest crochet project, Frank the Fox. I really hope you like him, he was a lot of fun to make, and he’s about the size of a hand.  Now I’ve made him, his body is a good template for making lots of other animals… what […]

28 Jun 2017


Friendship in all its forms

Today I am writing this spontaneously because I’ve been thinking about it over the last few days and just need to write it out.  First off I’m going to be honest and say that I’ve had a tough few months, and there are a few more ahead.  However, what I want to focus on in […]

26 Jun 2017

book discussion

Maggie Reviews: My Lady Jane

Hi everyone, Maggie the guinea pig here, back to share another book review with you.  Before we go any further, just a reminder that carrot is always welcome… Now, you may know that my mum, Llinos, LOVES history.  I have to say I’m not such a fan; it’s nothing personal against humans, I just think […]

21 Jun 2017