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Why I Don’t Make a TBR

If you’ve been around book blogging or BookTube for any length of time, then you’ll know that the monthly TBR (to be read list) is a staple of the book community. However, they are conspicuous by their absence on my blog.  Here’s why you will never see me writing my own TBR posts! First up, […]

28 Mar 2017


The Bedtime Tag

  Today I am doing The Bedtime Tag, thanks ever so to Aimee from Aimee Raindrop Writes for tagging me! THE RULES OF THE BEDTIME TAG

17 Mar 2017


Go Send: My Experience

In December I ordered some Bath and Body Works candles from the US.  They don’t deliver to the UK, so I used a mail company called Go Send to ship them to my home address.  I’m finally getting round to sharing the experience with you. I have to admit, when I saw that a couple of UK Youtubers […]

10 Mar 2017


A visit to St Fagan’s National History Museum

All the way back in November I took a trip to St Fagan’s with my mum and Oliver and I’m only now bringing you the photos… Anyhow, I hope you agree that it’s been worth the wait. St Fagan’s is a museum that everyone in South Wales visited as a child on a school trip. […]

8 Mar 2017


Lush bath: Intergalactic bath bomb

I’ve recently been enjoying having a bath about once a week after years of not having them (don’t worry I have been showering!).  Naturally I headed to the bath lover’s paradise, Lush, and picked up their intergalactic bath bomb for £4.25. Lush’s write up for this bath bomb is so extravagant that the poor bomb […]

6 Mar 2017

book discussion

Need some cosy historical reads? Here’s six!

  Now I do love a cosy historical novel.  A murder mystery which is historical, usually 1920s or 1930s but I also love Victorian mysteries and contemporary ones.  The characters tend to be wealthy, upper class gentry who don’t have much to do except solve a murder or get into a caper.  Here’s six picks […]

3 Mar 2017


Happy St David’s Day! Thoughts on bilingualism

  Happy St David’s Day!  Here in Wales today we celebrate the life of our patron saint, David, who died on 1st March 589.  It seems like a good day for a different type of post, one about the Welsh language and bilingualism (the ability to speak two languages). I grew up in an English […]

1 Mar 2017


Reflecting on February

  It’s time to look back over February, my birthday month. Highlights I went charity shopping quite successfully.   My parents came to stay for the weekend and we went to Pontypridd and a craft fair.   Oliver hosted a 30th birthday party for me at our house.   I enjoyed my mystery 30th birthday […]

27 Feb 2017