Pretty stationery: #NationalStationeryWeek

It’s the final day of #NationalStationeryWeek and all week I have been walking you through how to take up penpalling. Today though, to celebrate the end of the week, we are going to have a look at some of my favourite stationery supplies! First up, cute post its, and not just individual packs, but books […]

28 Apr 2017


More penpalling ideas: #NationalStationeryWeek

In order to celebrate #NationalStationeryWeek, this week I have been walking you through how to take up penpalling as a hobby.   Today we’re looking at some more advanced ideas of what you can send to your penpals and another way of getting involved in the snail mail community. A mail tag You’ve seen bloggers […]

27 Apr 2017


What to write to your penpals: #NationalStationeryWeek

This week we’ve discussed what supplies you need to begin penpalling, and where to find penpals.  Today for #WorldStationeryDay I’m going to suggest ideas of what you could write to your penpals. Introduce yourself Tell your penpal about your living situation.  Do you live with family or a romantic partner? Do you have any pets? […]

26 Apr 2017


#NationalStationeryWeek: Where to find penpals

This week is all about celebrating #NationalStationeryWeek! If you were here yesterday, you will have seen what supplies you will need in order to take up penpalling as a hobby.  Today we’re looking at where to find penpals to write to. International or not The first decision which I would make is whether you want […]

25 Apr 2017


#NationalStationeryWeek: Supplies to begin penpalling

Today is the beginning of National Stationery Week! Which means that it gives me, stationery geek that I am, the opportunity to tell you all about one of my hobbies; penpalling!  I’ve been wanting to blog about it for a while so this seemed like the perfect chance to do so. I will be walking […]

24 Apr 2017


Why advertising on other blogs is worth it

Recently I’ve seen the odd blog post and tweet about why it isn’t worth advertising your blog on someone else’s blog, because the return is so small.  In 2015 I wrote this post about the reasons why I choose certain blogs to sponsor.  However today I am here with a slightly different slant to encourage […]

19 Apr 2017


What I got for my 30th birthday

At the end of February I turned 30, and it is about time that I shared with you the lovely, generous gifts which I was lucky enough to receive.  I know some bloggers put disclaimers on these type of posts to say they aren’t showing off, but the reason I am writing this post is […]

17 Apr 2017


Feeling like a blogging fraud?

Stay with me here now please readers, because I realise this might sound a little strange.  But some days I feel like I am not a blogger, and like I am about to be found out. I know what you’ll say.  “But, Llinos, this is your blog, you are clearly a blogger!”  “You have written […]

12 Apr 2017


A Decade in Review: My Twenties

  I turned 30 in February (and the photos aren’t ready so I haven’t blogged about it yet whoops) but I thought it would be fun to take a (very brief) look back over my twenties and the events of that decade. You can read the lessons I learnt from my twenties here. 2007-2008, aged 20-21: I […]

7 Apr 2017