A-Z of Me

I first saw this post on Aimee’s blog and it was so much fun to read, I had to complete it too! A. Age – 30.  It’s an age that polarises people; some don’t want to be that old, others wish they could be that young again! B. Biggest fear – I have two, spiders […]

9 Aug 2017


My favourite TV programmes are ending: Pretty Little Liars

SPOILERS AHEAD Recently it seems like lots of my TV faves are ending.  For today’s post, can I say first of all… yes, I’m 30, yes I watch PLL (and other high school dramas).  I watched the final ever episode weeks ago, and ever since then I’ve been ruminating on how I feel about it […]

7 Aug 2017

book discussion

Maggie Reviews: Beatrix Potter and Operation Bunny

Hello everyone, Maggie the guinea pig here again to share what I’ve been reading with my mum, Llinos.  Regulars will know that I appreciate any carrot you may have in exchange for my honest review…*munch munch* OK, back to the books.  The first one I have for you today is The Story of Beatrix Potter […]

4 Aug 2017


Nails Inc Sparkle like a unicorn nail polish duo

Today I am here to review some nail polishes which I bought recently for £15, the Nails Inc Sparkle Like A Unicorn set. Can we just appreciate why I was drawn to purchase the set…. 1) I adore nail polish, 2) I love unicorns, 3) the polishes are sooo pretty and 4) the box is […]

1 Aug 2017


Ten films which I’ve watched recently

Today’s post is exactly what it says on the tin… Ten films which I’ve watched recently. A Walk in the Woods This is a film based on the book by Bill Bryson.  After a funeral, Bill decides to hike the 2,000 mile Appalachian Trail, but he needs someone to go with him.  The only person willing […]

28 Jul 2017


Feeling inspired by Martyn Hett

I didn’t post this directly after Martyn’s funeral, because I really wanted to make this something that I would be proud of writing, and also to make it a fitting tribute to Martyn. Martyn Hett was one of the people killed during the recent Manchester terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert.  Although there were […]

26 Jul 2017


Which of Henry VIII’s wives am I?

It’s a question that a Tudor history geek like me needs an answer for… which of Henry VIII’s six wives am I most like? I took this test to find out. Before the test, I did think about what the result might be.  It seemed likely that the test would say that I was most […]

25 Jul 2017


My favourite TV programmes are ending: Reign

Last week I wrote about two of my favourite TV programmes which are coming to a close; now to discuss one that’s already ended, Reign. Spoilers ahead! As a teen historical soap loosely based on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, I resisted watching any episodes of this for years.  Finally I gave in, […]

20 Jul 2017


Q & A with Maggie the guinea pig

Recently I asked some blogger friends if they had any questions to ask Maggie, my guinea pig.  It’s taken a while to get round to interviewing Maggie and writing this post; Maggie has a busy social life and as a guinea pig around town, I had to wait for her to clear an afternoon for […]

17 Jul 2017


My favourite TV programmes are ending: Scandal and OUAT

At the moment it feels as though a lot of my all-time favourite TV programmes are coming to an end for good.  I need to share my sadness! Warning: spoilers for Scandal and OUAT ahead. I haven’t long discussed Once Upon a Time, but I feel like there’s more to say.  Many fans are devastated […]

13 Jul 2017