Write it Out

This is a series led by Kate from, where bloggers are invited to write something based on a particular prompt each month.  The prompt is above.  Here is my contribution, a stream of consciousness: As I sit here in my cosy, homely living room, I exhale deeply and enjoy the sensation in my chest, […]

21 Aug 2014


A trip to Sully Island

Recently we went to Sully Island, a little peninsula off the Vale of Glamorgan.  The tide locks the island away from the mainland, and it moves really quickly!  I found it very relaxing to watch the waves and walk across the rocks.  It’s a great way to be mindful and to feel free from any […]

18 Aug 2014


Porridge Fruit Parfait

As good as it is that I never skip breakfast, I can get a little bored with the routine of it.  So I have been searching for new, simple recipes to inject some va-va-voom into my mornings.  I have concocted this little yummy creation which keeps me full until lunch: Porridge Fruit Parfait Ingredients: 1 […]

11 Jul 2014


Summer sun and garden fun

Recently we’ve been enjoying some lovely sunshine, and so I decided to make the most of it by enjoying meals and drinks in the garden (for example with this yummy pink lemonade) and by appreciating the vegetables and plants which we have growing. Below are carrots, potatoes and flowers which are all growing and blossoming. […]

3 Jul 2014


The joy of life and the cruelty of cancer

The recent deaths of two young, vibrant women in the public eye due to cancer has shaken me, and it has taken me a few weeks to sit down and harness my feelings before writing this blog post. Although Polly Noble’s death came after a long and hard duel with cancer, it was still very […]

21 Jun 2014


The Soulful Life Sanctuary opening soon!

I am so excited about this brand new community which opens on 1st July.  The Soulful Life Sanctuary is the newest offering from Jodi Chapman, and as a big fan of her work it was an easy decision to sign up and count down the days until it opens.   Jodi runs a beautiful blog […]

16 Jun 2014


Two Secrets About Having Goals That Seem Scary

This is a guest post by Kendra Kantor. I wish I could pinpoint a time in my life when I decided, “I will not work 9 to 5.” I wish I could pinpoint when I decided that I wanted to work so I could support my life not   live so I could support my work. […]

13 Jun 2014


My writing process

The lovely Renee Avard tagged me in a blog tour to write about my writing process.  It seemed like a good opportunity to connect with why I write, so here we go….. Also I am tagging a hugely talented lady at the end of the post, so be sure to check out her own blog […]

13 Jun 2014


My first ever Hay Festival

On Saturday, I attended the Hay Festival here in Wales for the very first time.  Although it’s a few days ago, I still have not come down from the high of the whole experience.  I think it’s fair to say that I will be going again! As soon as I arrived, I was swept up in […]

5 Jun 2014


Book review: Life is a Gift by Gill Edwards

To have begun reading this book and then to discover that the author has left this life was quite upsetting.  My instinct had been to write to this lovely lady and thank her for her illuminating book. ‘Life is a Gift’ had been on my bookshelf for a few months before I finally decided to […]

3 Jun 2014