New charity project: Post Pals

I am very happy and excited to announce that I am supporting Post Pals, a charity in the UK which brightens up the lives of children who are seriously ill and/or are in hospital by co-ordinating letters, e-mails and gifts for them. It is my goal to write a card for a sick child at […]

20 Apr 2014


Book review: The Proposal by Tasmina Perry

I have read a few of Tasmina Perry’s novels, and usually they are full of glamorous, wealthy people, a whiff of scandal, exotic holidays and social climbing.  However, I was attracted to this book because it is a change in direction for the author – a step away from blockbusters filled with sex, to a […]

18 Apr 2014


Book review: The Rose Petal Beach by Dorothy Koomson

Previously I have enjoyed The Ice Cream Girls and The Women He Loved Before by this author, so it didn’t take long to decide I wanted to read this book.  She writes very compelling novels with a twist and a dash of crime and mystery.  Dorothy Koomson does not sit easily in the chick lit […]

16 Apr 2014


Book review: The Adventures of a Cancer Maverick by Nina Joy

What would you do if you were told you had incurable cancer? This is naturally a book I was drawn to, having recently published a book about my own cancer journey.  In this book, Nina explores the options which she faced upon hearing that she had incurable cancer. Nina is a very inspiring lady, and […]

15 Apr 2014


Cancer, Chemo and Curls

It gives me great pleasure to announce that my book is for sale on, and I’m having a month long party to celebrate! If you want to read a story of a young girl’s survival in the face of a formidable enemy, if you want to feel uplifted and that cancer can be overcome… […]

5 Apr 2014


5 Lessons I’ve Learned About Body-Acceptance

Body-Love Wellness Circles by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt is an immersion into the power of body-acceptance. The Circles will be focused around transforming the relationship you have or may not have with your body, food and yourself. This post is part of the Body-Love Blog Tour, which is spreading body-acceptance to the masses. To learn more and […]

4 Apr 2014


Interview with Jen from Wild Sister

Jen’s post on Today is a very special day on the blog, as I have an interview to share with you from a very lovely and inspiring lady; Jen Saunders, founder of Wild Sister, one of my favourite sisterhoods and magazines.  She was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, and shares her insights and experiences […]

1 Apr 2014


Book review: To Be Goddess by Tia Johnson

One thing I’m very keen to express here on the blog and in my work is, that we are unique, glorious beings with gifts to share with the world.  We as women are all goddesses.  I know it, and so does Tia Johnson. If you’re in an unhappy place right now, if you’re ill, being […]

27 Mar 2014


Cartoonise Your Pets – Guest Post by Sarah Leonard

Hey there lovely people! Llinos has invited me (Sarah) onto her blog today to share with you the process behind my cartoonised pet portraits. Llinos was keen to have cartoon version of her guinea pigs (who you can see in the picture above) and she asked whether I could do them for her. I of […]

23 Mar 2014


I think about cancer every day

Over the past few days the internet has been filled with the #nomakeupselfie, and millions of pounds has been raised for charity.  Its been a quick way for people to support cancer charities and discuss cancer. But you know what?  Cancer doesn’t look like a face with no make up.   Cancer is sneaky and […]

22 Mar 2014