Why I love the Curiously Gorgeous Sisterhood

I’ve been floating around in this online world for a short while now, and I have yet to be drawn into being an affiliate for any one.  That is until now, as I’m pleased to say I am now a Curious Connoisseur/affiliate for the Curiously Gorgeous Sisterhood. Its founder is the one and only Sarah from […]

29 May 2014


An interview with fellow cancer memoir author, Cath Filby

I am delighted to be supporting fellow author Cath Filby in p;ublishing her book via a crowdfunding model.  I asked her a few questions about her book and cancer journey.  Please support her here: Tell us about your diagnosis of breast cancer.  How did it change your life? To be diagnosed with breast cancer is […]

19 May 2014


No ifs, not buts: life is a gift

Yesterday I had a routine blood test, and while I was there the nurse noticed my unusual medical history.  I’m used to medical professionals being curious about my cancer and asking me lots of questions about it. However, this time, the nurse was so effusive about me being alive and well, and with a fully […]

14 May 2014


Rise and Shine Giveaway

When I heard that one of my favourite bloggers, Becky McCleery was re-launching her website and setting up an inspiring giveaway with lots of female entrepreneurs, I was keen to get involved. Becky comes across as such a loving, giving soul, and it was with this sentiment in mind that I suggested offering my book […]

24 Apr 2014


New charity project: Post Pals

I am very happy and excited to announce that I am supporting Post Pals, a charity in the UK which brightens up the lives of children who are seriously ill and/or are in hospital by co-ordinating letters, e-mails and gifts for them. It is my goal to write a card for a sick child at […]

20 Apr 2014


Book review: The Proposal by Tasmina Perry

I have read a few of Tasmina Perry’s novels, and usually they are full of glamorous, wealthy people, a whiff of scandal, exotic holidays and social climbing.  However, I was attracted to this book because it is a change in direction for the author – a step away from blockbusters filled with sex, to a […]

18 Apr 2014


Book review: The Rose Petal Beach by Dorothy Koomson

Previously I have enjoyed The Ice Cream Girls and The Women He Loved Before by this author, so it didn’t take long to decide I wanted to read this book.  She writes very compelling novels with a twist and a dash of crime and mystery.  Dorothy Koomson does not sit easily in the chick lit […]

16 Apr 2014


Book review: The Adventures of a Cancer Maverick by Nina Joy

What would you do if you were told you had incurable cancer? This is naturally a book I was drawn to, having recently published a book about my own cancer journey.  In this book, Nina explores the options which she faced upon hearing that she had incurable cancer. Nina is a very inspiring lady, and […]

15 Apr 2014