In order to celebrate #NationalStationeryWeek, this week I have been walking you through how to take up penpalling as a hobby.   Today we’re looking at some more advanced ideas of what you can send to your penpals and another way of getting involved in the snail mail community.

A mail tag

You’ve seen bloggers making tag posts, right?  Well this is the snail mail version.  Simply write a list of questions and include it with your letter for your penpal to answer.  You can answer the questions too if you like.  Here’s some questions to get you started:

What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?  Would you rather have a city break or beach holiday?  Do you play any musical instruments? What was your childhood fear?

A pocket letter

A pocket letter is a sheet of trading card sheets (which you can get cheaply on Ebay) which you then fill individual card pockets as desired with coloured paper or card, embellishments and decorations.  I will let the inventor of this concept explain it!


A flipbook is a few sheets of paper washi taped together and decorated.  Here’s one I made last year.  The penpal letter fits in the sleeve at the back and I make them to fit envelopes which I already own.

Travelling mail

If penpalling is not enough for you, then there’s travelling mail, which is addictive I warn you! Basically you use a notebook or a postcard and instead of keeping it, you send it on to be filled in as desired by various recipients, until it is full and comes back to you.

Here’s the full details along with a link to the Facebook group which I am a part of!

Do any of these ideas appeal to you?

  • These sound like such fun ideas, especially the pocket letter, that looks really cool and like you’d get something really thoughtful and creative from your pen pal. I love the idea of writing letters (though I’m awful at actually doing it) because I can’t think of the last time I was excited about anything I got in the post.

  • I must admit I am yet to make a pocket letter, but I should. Penpalling does ensure you get nice post! Oliver is always jealous that he only gets junk.

  • They’re all fun I promise!

  • A mail tag is a lot of fun, a pocket letter definitely takes more work but they’re sooo pretty.

  • Just Joelle

    I love the idea of travelling mail, how cool to have something travel the world for you!
    Joelle x

  • It’s lots of fun and also addictive! There are worse habits haha x

  • Lifethrough Tsg

    I love the idea of a flip book, but all of these ideas are so fab!
    Hayley X

  • Thanks Hayley. Flipbooks are a lot of fun x

  • I’m so happy to see pocket letters in here! I made pocket letters for months and I collected 2 massive ring binders of them from all over the world! Aahhh now I miss making them – I might start them again!!

  • These are all great ideas! Will be trying many for upcoming snail mailing!

  • Glad you enjoyed the ideas!

  • Oh wow that sounds amazing! I’m yet to receive any.

  • I can send you one if you’d like your first one! 😀

  • Oh wow that would be so kind of you 🙂

  • Britt K

    A group that I belong to online did a fun project that was similar to what you were describing in your traveling mail. We have a teddy bear that travels person to person. When you have the teddy you take pictures with her to post on Facebook for everyone in the group to see. She comes with a notebook that you write in before sending her on. It was so much fun reading through the notebook when it was my turn!

    Britt |

  • Aw that sounds like such an amazing idea, I love it!

  • The travelling book sounds amazing! It would be brilliant to send something away and it come back filled with pieces of peoples personalities!

    I also love the pocket cards! I may need to start making these for presents for people to give it a personal touch 🙂


  • Travelling books are really fun to send out and fill in! That’s a fab idea about the pocket cards.