It’s the final day of #NationalStationeryWeek and all week I have been walking you through how to take up penpalling.

Today though, to celebrate the end of the week, we are going to have a look at some of my favourite stationery supplies!

First up, cute post its, and not just individual packs, but books of them!  I love to use these myself and they’re also ideal for putting inside a penpal letter as a little gift.

Washi tape may be my favourite piece of stationery, but my collection actually isn’t that huge, or not as huge as it could be.  These are some of my fave tapes and they’re about a third of my whole collection.

Pens!  I prefer writing in a colour and with a thick nib or slim felt tip.

Then finally, stickers.  Perfect for using in planners, on envelopes, letters and just anywhere you fancy really!What’s your favourite item of stationery?

  • Food & Baker

    Coloured pens and stickers are always a fave when writing in cards, so I’d imagine it’d be the same for penpalling! Great post once again!

    Jessica & James |

  • You really can’t go wrong with them!

  • I haven’t been to Primark in ages but I definitely need to check out their washi tape! Washi tape is the absolute best.

  • Just Joelle

    I love the little sticky memo notes with the cute teddy on them! Love the tapes too.
    Joelle X

  • Teddies on stationery may be my absolute weakness! x

  • Lifethrough Tsg

    I love washi tape! I don’t even use it but I just love to collect it 😂
    Hayley X

  • Hands up the washi tape hoarders haha!

  • I love washi tape too – I probably have about 30 of them. They’re so useful even not used as stationery – for example, I used it earlier today to stick fairy lights around my desk because it’s a lot stronger than blu-tack! I also love stickers but I don’t use them very often. My ultimate favourite stationery though is probably pretty coloured paper, because you can use it for everything!

  • I always forget about paper, but where would I be without its usefulness and prettiness!

  • Britt K

    You have some fun items there! There is so much that you can do with washi tape! I have a smaller collection it appears than you do at this time, but I’m not sure how long it is going to stay that small! Each time I learn something new to do with it, I just have to pick up more! Thanks for sharing!

    Britt |

  • I’m the same, if I find a new washi use then it’s the perfect excuse to buy more of it!

  • All of your stationary is so cute!
    I’m obsessed with washi tape, and use it to decorate envelopes whenever possible 🙂


  • Washi is absolutely amazing isn’t it!