My purpose in writing today’s post about Prince Harry is to approach it not as a debate on the monarchy, but rather by examining his comments in light of his position as a high profile figure.

Whenever Prince Harry makes a public comment, it’s bound to be scrutinised, judged and debated.  He’s bound to be called reckless by some, and relatable by others.  When he recently spoke out about having counselling to come to terms with the death of his mother 20 years ago, I felt so elated to think of all of the people he could potentially be helping by saying that.

He was saying, it’s okay to be traumatised by something that happened two decades or even longer ago.  He was saying, it’s okay to seek professional help.  He was saying, we don’t have to brush our problems under the carpet.

OK, so none of us had the world’s most famous woman as a mother and have watched every detail of her life and death play out brutally in the media.  None of us had the world watching us as we walked behind our mother’s coffin (which, in hindsight, as Harry said, probably wasn’t the best decision).  However, there’s no doubt that his words will have chimed with many.

Whether you like Harry and his family or not, he used his high profile to get a really important message across.  Why wouldn’t a man still mourn his mother twenty years after her death, especially when she died so young and in such a senseless manner?

What did you make of Harry’s comments?

  • I think this is a really interesting debate, and my Mum and I have spoken about Prince Harry quite a bit. He’s in a very unusual position, and I definitely do think he’s quite relatable. As you say, he’s done a lot of good and I think him talking about mental health and his experience must have resonated with a lot of people. Again, as you pointed out, we have thankfully not been in Harry’s exact position but that doesn’t mean it’s completely unrelatable.

  • I’ve spoken about him with my family as well, in a way I haven’t about other royals. I think his words about mental health have probably done an untold amount of good. Losing a parent and bereavement is a part of life and should be spoken about, even though our experiences of it may be very different to Harry’s.

  • I think that it is incredibly important for high profile figures to speak out about mental health – it is perfectly natural for someone to need counselling after the unexpected death of a relative, regardless of whether they were a high profile figure in the media or not. Sometimes it’s only in adulthood that people can feel comfortable reaching out for help, and I think that Harry seeking counselling was probably a very wise choice for him. I really hope that this makes others feel better about seeking help for themselves – you wouldn’t suffer in silence with a broken arm, so why do it for mental health? It’s just as important as a physical condition!

    Abbey 💋

  • I couldn’t agree more, Abbey. We all have mental health and physical health and they should have equal parity. In October 2016, it was the 50 year anniversary of the Aberfan disaster, I’m not sure if it was publicised outside Wales, and it came to light that several survivors had kept their experiences to themselves for all that time. I can’t imagine how painful that must have been.

  • Personally I love how Prince Harry handled it all, he’s used his platform to bring light to an important topic and I applaud him for that! It can’t be easy being in one of the world’s most famous families but he’s handled it really well and he deserves so much credit.

    Jordanne ||

  • Charlene McElhinney

    I really respect Harry for speaking out about his mental health struggles – it’s so reassuring that more and more ‘high profile’ people are raising awareness about mental health because it’s so so so so important that we encourage more and more people to speak out.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post, Llinos, such a pleasure to read something completely different! 🙂

    Charlene McElhinney

  • Food & Baker

    Wow this is so grave of him to speak about, so glad someone as high profile as him is sharing this and showing others that they too can feel the way they can and want to no matter the issue. Such an important issue that needs to be spread about more and I hope this shows to many people that they can be open too!

    Jessica & James | /

  • Alisha Valerie.

    I personally think Harry is wonderful for speaking out about something which seems so hush-hush. Really makes me happy. 🌸💗✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |

  • I knew about the Aberfan disaster after seeing it in a documentary about HM The Queen. I can’t imagine how hard it was for the community to cope with that tragedy.

  • I am a monarchist. I think the Queen is amazing, she is such an inspiration and her devotion is amazing too. One of the great things of the Monarchy is having the Royal family supporting causes like this, raising awareness for mental health. Prince William, the Duchess and Prince Harry all talk openly about it and I think it’s helpful against the stigma associated with mental health. I watched Mind over Marathon, really interesting show, I think it is still available on catch-up if you missed it.

  • Kate

    I was really impressed by him speaking out on MH issues. I think it’s great there is so much being done to break down the stigma from mental health issues, and I think it’s great to see more men in the public eye as for some reason, there’s further to go to breakdowns he stigma for mental health. This was a great post and a really interesting take on Mental Health in the public eye.

    Kate x

  • I couldn’t agree more! He’s used his position for such good.

  • That’s how I felt too Charlene, just filled with respect for him. We need to be constantly having this open dialogue about mental health. Thanks, I do like writing unique post topics!

  • I really hope that his words have helped a lot of people, I’m sure they have. It must have been so difficult for him to speak about publicly.

  • YES! You said exactly what I’m thinking.

  • Glad you enjoyed the post, Kate. It is so impressive that he chose to discuss this when he could have kept his thoughts and experiences to himself for the whole of his life.

  • The three of them are doing great work by championing this cause, I agree. I chose not to watch Mind over Marathon for fear of getting upset.

  • I must admit, I’m not a royalist but Harry is definitely my favourite. He seems like he’d be such a fun friend, and he always looks like he’s a fab uncle! I like Will a lot too and I think it’s wonderful that they’re openly talking about mental health. It makes the royal family seem so much more modern and up to date, for once!

  • It really does make them seem up to date doesn’t it, rather than the stuffiness of some of the other family members!

  • Gwennan Rees

    I think it’s really great they’re all speaking out about it and getting involved with mental health charities. I’m not a massive royalist but I think it’s really impressive the work they do and how candid they’re being this year with the anniversary of her death. It needs to be talked about, especially male mental health and grief.

  • Yes I agree that male mental health is not addressed often enough at all, I hope his words have encouraged other men.