Recently I asked some blogger friends if they had any questions to ask Maggie, my guinea pig.  It’s taken a while to get round to interviewing Maggie and writing this post; Maggie has a busy social life and as a guinea pig around town, I had to wait for her to clear an afternoon for us to sit down together. Here we go!

First up, a question from me (a mum’s prerogative)!

Llinos: Maggie, you’re the most confident person I know.  What’s your secret?

Maggie: Aw, thanks Mum!  I know that I’m a full-figured furry female and so I decide to rock that.  I believe in myself and I don’t apologise for being me.  It also helps that people find me cute, it’s easy to make new friends because of that.

Aimee: What do you do when you feel sad? What’s your instant pick me up?

Maggie: Recently we went through a very sad time when my best friend Lily died.  Luckily I don’t often get sad, although we all still miss Lily.  My instant pick me up is to have a nap.  As a guinea pig, I don’t sleep for hours at a time like humans do; instead I take power naps throughout the day and night.  When I wake up, I’m energised and ready for my next meal!  Also, when Mum puts me back in my cage after giving it a full clean out, I feel really pepped up and loved.

Abbey: What is your golden advice for a happy life?

Maggie: Take every day as it comes, worry about only the things you can control, live and love with all of your heart.  As a guinea pig, our lifetimes are only 5-8 years long.  We know to make the most of every day.

Abbey: How do you pamper yourself?

Maggie: I enjoy having a lie down in the sunshine, or a manicure from Mum.  Also a bath and a shampoo to take care of my coat, although I don’t think I suit my shower cap and won’t let Mum take a photo of me wearing it!

Abbey: What would your dream date be like?

Maggie: My date would pick me up on a sunny day and we’d go to the park to have a picnic.  Carrots, pellets, hay, broccoli…. mmm!

Abbey: Do you have a celebrity crush?

Maggie: Well, I don’t fancy humans! Davey the Cavie is cute, but he’s wooing Poppy the guinea pig at the moment.

Justine: I’d love to know of a decent foundation that covers redness AND has staying power! Mine heads south as soon as I get too warm!

Maggie: I don’t wear foundation due to my fur but one of my favourite Youtubers, Just Jodes, recently recommended NYX Total Control Drop Foundation.

Charlotte: What is your favourite thing to do with your mummy?

Maggie: That’s easy! I like to sit on her lap and have a cuddle, before we settle down to read a book together.  I’ve started my own book reviews here on Mum’s blog.

Charlotte: Who is your best friend and how long have you known them?

Maggie: I met my best friend Lily when I was six weeks old and we moved in with Mum.  We were inseparable for four years until she died recently.  She was quiet and laid back, whereas I’m noisy and always on the go.  I miss having her there to calm me down sometimes!

Charlotte: What do you like best about home?

Maggie: Being close to all of my favourite things; my food bowl, my hay, my pellets…. Also I get excited when Mum goes into the kitchen, I know I might be getting some veg when she comes back.  I squeak and squeak at the top of my voice! Mum, isn’t it time for a carrot yet?

Thanks for your answers, Maggie, I’ll get you a carrot now! Let me know if you have any questions for Maggie, and I’ll see if she’s able to do another Q & A.