Raglan Castle in Monmouthshire may be a ruin today, but it has a rich history from the time when it was a luxurious power symbol, the largest ever castle built by a Welshman.

William Herbert, its owner, was the guardian of a young Henry Tudor who went on to become Henry VII.  The young Henry spent much of his childhood at Raglan, treated kindly but virtually a prisoner.

As you walk around the ruins, you can imagine the huge dining hall, opulent suites and vast rooms.  It’s quite a young castle, having only been constructed in the 1430s.

Then in the 1600s came the Civil War and Raglan’s fortunes changed.  As a royalist stronghold, it held off the parliamentarians for an impressive thirteen weeks.  However, it was partly destroyed by the finally victorious parliamentarians in order to be sure that it could never happen again.

I hope you enjoy these photos of my recent visit to Raglan.

Do you enjoy visiting castles?

  • The castle looks lovely, I would love to see it. Its history is fascinating. I like learning about these stories when I visit castles, they add to the whole experience.

  • Its an unusual castle in that it only had about 200 years until it was ruined. It’s a very atmospheric place, easy to imagine the glory days there.

  • Ellis Woolley

    I LOVE exploring places like this and adore history. So happy to have come across your blog – you have such refreshing content! Ellis x // http://www.elliswoolley.co.uk

  • Aw thanks so much, glad you’re enjoying!