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I am so excited to introduce the very first Welsh Wednesday post in collaboration with Tayler from The Morrell Tale!

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The first time I read Tayler’s blog, I simply HAD to email her.  I was so happy that she shares so many interests with me; namely Welsh/British history, the Welsh culture and language.  I think it’s simply fabulous that she is so passionate about a country so far away from her home in the US, and I squee whenever I post about a location in Wales and she says she’s been there!  I hope she makes it back across the pond at some point so we can chat and visit Welsh places together.

I’ve always lived in Wales, and I was fortunate enough to grow up in a Welsh speaking area and be educated in Welsh speaking schools.  The Isle of Anglesey in North Wales is the place my heart calls home and where my parents still live.  Currently I live on the other side of Wales in the capital city, Cardiff, and although Welsh is not as widespread here I still speak it every day.

I fell in love with history when I was 10 years old, and I visited a local manor house where a man called Owen Tudor had lived.  It was his grandson, Henry Tudor, that took the English throne in 1485 and founded the Tudor Dynasty.  I grew up with a fascination with the Tudors, Welsh castles and the noble families who shaped life here.  I am also hugely enamoured with Welsh mythology and grew up with the stories of the Mabinogi weaved into my childhood.

On the final Wednesday of every month, Tayler and myself will be sharing our knowledge of Welsh history, advice on where to visit, and Welsh language lessons!  I hope you will enjoy our insights.

Have you ever visited Wales, or would you be interested in coming here?

Linnet Sig