Instead of looking back at September and telling you about my favourites, I thought I’d try looking ahead at October and telling you what I’m looking forward to this month.

Bath time

I have some gorgeously smelling new Imperial Leather bath cremes, which I’m excited to use, and at £1 each in Boots, they’re a lot easier on the purse than a Lush bath bomb.  I chose the Cherry Bakewell and Orchid and Ylang Ylang scents because who doesn’t want a bath that smells of cake and flowers?

My new lipsticks

Fun fact: I have barely worn any makeup in six months.  However, I’ve been looking at my collection and thinking I need to chuck a load of old stuff out and have a little replenish of stock.  I’m not someone who has 20 blushers, one or two is fine! Except when it comes to nail polish when I need 100 bottles.  I began my little replenishment with two new lipsticks from Barry M, Berrylicious and Wine Not.  They’re perfect for autumn and cost £4.99 each.

A haircut and new colour

Actually, this has already happened.  Last week I had a cut and colour because I needed my greys to be vamooshed and also I wanted to be a full brunette, letting go of the red which I’ve had on and off for so long.  I’m delighted with the results.


I’ve had this treatment a couple of times before and thought it was about time to book another appointment. It’s a therapy for the feet which releases tension and I find it very relaxing.

Halloween and general spookiness

I’ve never done anything to celebrate Halloween but this year, I feel excited about it and also it’s been creeping into my snail mail for the first time ever too, which is fun.  I love seeing all of the Halloween items in the shops and I will be enjoying the evening with a ghost story and some funky false nails.

Candles, blankets and fuzzy socks

I’m excited about ALL of the cosiness which October brings, wouldn’t you agree?  The blankets are out of the cupboard and on the sofa, the autumnal candles are on the hearth and the warmest, fuzziest socks I can find are on my feet!

Cosy Reading Night

Laren and the Books is one of my favourite Booktubers and she hosts reading nights throughout the year, which I’ve never joined in with – until now.  The latest Cosy Reading Night takes place on October 20th, 7pm – 10pm.  For more info and to join in, just watch this.  I’m really looking forward to a night of autumnal, cosy reading!

What are you looking forward to this month?

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  • RosieBaillie

    Your hair looks lovely, Llinos! A cherry bakewell scented bath sounds divine, though I’m not sure you’d ever get me out of it. When I was a kid I used to love that cherry scented L’Oreal kids shampoo. I was always so disappointed that it tasted so awful whenever I accidentally got some in my mouth.

    A cosy reading night sounds amazing and I think I’m actually off work so I’m going to join in with that. I need to find a cosy book to read! I’m so out of the loop with books at the minute, do you have any recommendations?

  • I love your new haircut and colour! It looks great, really suits you. I LOVE Halloween. My mum never let me celebrate it growing up. She said it was an American tradition that we shouldn’t encourage, but I love it. And now I’m older I get a big tub of sweets in for the kids (and me), pop on some scary movies and decorate the front of the house all spooky. Hope you enjoy Halloween this year, too! x x

  • That’s what my mum used to say! I never did anything for Halloween. I was never bothered though, until this year when I can’t wait to have a spooky night in just like you! xx

  • I need to have an actual cherry bakewell on hand ready for me after that bath don’t I!

    Ooh yay would be fab to have you join, I am on fire with reading at the mo so have a nosey through my Goodreads challenge to see if anything interests you, I’m reading a lot of thrillers, but for something lighter the London Eye Mystery was so good

  • Food & Baker

    You are looking lovely with your new cut and colour! Looking forward to the candles, blankets and fuzzy socks too!

    Jessica & James | /

  • Thanks so much! They’re the best aren’t they.

  • The hair looks soooo good! I love the colour. I’m so ready for a relaxing winter-y months! x

  • I really like this idea of looking forward rather than looking back, it sounds like you’ve got lots of lovely things coming up in october! I’d love to try reflexology, it sounds heavenly! Fuzzy socks are always a delight in my book!

    Abbey 💖

  • Aw thanks so much, me too!

  • Yes I thought it was fun to try it this way for something a bit different to the normal favourites posts!

  • RosieBaillie

    Thank you! I’m going to have a little look now. I’m really excited to read some fiction instead of scientific papers – not that I don’t find them interesting, I actually love them but they make for dry reading sometimes.

  • Kate

    Aw you look lovely Llinos! A looking forward post is such a fab idea. Reflexology is amazing isn’t it? When I went, I was dying for a wee and the lady said “I’ll let you pop to the ladies first”! And yes, so with you on ALL of the cosiness, bring on spooky, cosy evenings!
    Kate x

  • Aw thanks Kate, very sweet of you. I think I will write this type of post again, it was fun. The reflexology was great, shame it has to be a bit of a luxury purchase though.

  • Kate

    Fab post! Those bath cremes sound fab, I’ll definitely have to try them out! Your hair looks gorgeous! I love October and anything Autumnal!

  • I’m glad you liked the post, Kate, I hope you try the cremes!