Being a woman can be a minefield.  Skirt too short?  You’re a slut.  Too long? You’re dressed too old for your age.  If you wear makeup, you’ll get looks for wearing too much or too little.  Don’t shave? You’re disgusting.  Shave in the winter? How vain.

However, those are the aesthetics.  I haven’t mentioned all of the fun health stuff.  We have periods, and then we have the menopause.  In between we have contraception, smear tests, pregnancy, infertility, mammograms and a host of other gyneacological concerns.  Women are more likely than men to suffer mental illness and be victims of domestic violence or sexual crimes.

I have been called every derogatory name I can think of.  Tart, prostitute, frigid, whore, bitch… When I was 18, my friend’s boyfriend labelled me a tart for wearing a denim skirt with wedge sandals on a hot day.  When I was 22, I was sexually harassed at work.  This name calling and bullying didn’t come from strangers, but from those who I thought I could trust, from those who I thought cared about me.

I only have one ovary, and for a part of my life I thought that made me less of a woman.  I have that one ovary thanks to cancer destroying the other, and that remaining ovary has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  As a teenager and young adult, my periods were so heavy and painful that I took measures to never again have one.  I’ve had fertility treatment that was so painful I nearly passed out.

Believe me, I’m done with apologising.  For showing a hint of cleavage, or wearing bright lipstick.  For having a health issue that might not be PG-friendly.  For analysing my behaviour when someone’s trash attitude cuts in on my day.

I’m done with apologising for being a woman.  Are you?

  • Yes, Llinos! I love this post. I’m done with apologising too. I’m fed up of all those ideals imposed on women, and what for? What’s the point of them? Primarily they’re to bring us down or put us at blame for someone else being an awful person. Screw that.

  • Great post! Serious, I loved this. I’m so sick and tired of appologizing for who we are, and what we like. I am even more tired of having to defend other women who supposedly “deserve” to get sexually harassed and ridiculed becuase of what they wear…

  • Hell yes! This is one of those posts you just nod along to – absolutely done for apologising for periods and hormones and whatever else my body does because it’s female.

  • Food & Baker

    PREACH IT GURL🙌🏽 Yes yes yes! You are so strong and you should defo not be apologising for it!

    Jessica & James | /

  • Right back at you! Thanks!

  • SO sick of all the embarrassment around periods and feeling like you should hide tampons in your trolley!

  • They’re all about putting us back in our boxes, aren’t they? Good point, Rosie.

  • Let’s turn the heat on the male perpetrators instead! Thanks for your support.

  • For sure! I have a Mooncup now and I tell everyone about it. Don’t like it? Tough!

  • Tough! Exactly!

  • This post is exactly what we all need to hear! It’s time to give a big FU to everyone who demeans women because of their sex. If you feel like a woman, you’re a woman, and no body parts or derogatory terms will ever change that <3

    Steph –

  • Llinos, you are knocking it out of the park with your posts at the moment! 💪🏼 You’ve been through such a lot in your life so it’s fantastic to see that you’ve come out the other side so strong, determined, and unapologetic! You definitely have nothing to apologise for!

    Abbey ❤️

  • Oh wow what a fab comment, thanks Steph!

  • Aw thanks so much Abbey. I really appreciate it xx